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Oct 22, 2016
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Just bought a new Phantom 4. Had to update firmware in drone. That has been done. Now when I've got everything hooked up and turned on, I get a no fly zone, nuclear power plant message and it will not let me take off. I live in Springfield, VA 22150 about 12 miles South of Washington DC. There are nuclear power plants, but not within miles of where I live. Drove to a secluded area on the Potomac River about 20 miles away and got the same **** message. What gives? Is there anyway to turn these annoying messages off?
So far, this drone is nothing more than a pain in my ***
You're in the DC metro area. I don't know about nuclear power plants, but I do know you can't fly a drone in the DC FRZ. There are no exceptions. Maybe that's why you're getting the message.

You can research this. The DC FRZ is kind of an egg shaped area, and for you, it extends out about 15 miles from Reagan National Airport. So Springfield is definitely inside this area.

Beyond that (that is, the area between 15 miles and 30 miles from DC) is called the DC SFRA which also has restrictions. These are outlined in NOTAM 6/2069.

The firmware built into your P4 will restrict you in these areas. It won't allow you to fly at all in the first area, but it should allow you to fly in the latter area if you do what's required. This should be outlined in your manual.

Hope this helps.
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I've never received this message but have seen posts from others who have.
Search this site using 'no fly zone'

Also, load the Airmap app and see if that message on the DJI app is correct.

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A friend of mine bought a Yaneec Typhoon and found out the hard way that it won't fly in his backyard because he is about 2 miles from Midway Airport.

Your area seem to have even more restrictions.
Thanks guys, I'm an old RC pilot used to birds without all the high tech stuff the P4 has. Will check out the info in your replies. If I can't fly this thing near where I live, might have to send it back.
Hey Mark the Droner - Wouldn't ya think the sellers of the Phantom 4 would tell ya about the NO FLY ZONES. What the hell good is it if ya can't use it?? Paperweight...that's it. I can hold all the ******* notes I've taken trying to figure out how to use it.
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I would read the manual at least twice from top to bottom before attempting to fly.

Here's your no fly map: DJI - Fly Safe: No Fly Zones

Just take a short drive away from the city and find a good spot. Or you might save time by using a map such as mapquest (satellite view) to look for open fields for potential flying.

Here's a map of places where others have flown drones somewhat near you (zoom in):

Flytrex - Quadcopter and Multirotor Pilots Network

Here's a public Litchi mission map (click on the globe and zoom in):

Mission Hub - Litchi

Another idea is to find a nearby flying club and join.

Hope this helps

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