1. New Phantom Owner

    New Argtek Mod Installed Today

    So today my Argtek Blue Proton range extender arrived. I immediately installed it and took to the skies. It had just finished raining in Watch Hill Anderson township Cincinnati Ohio where I live. I was only able to get out to 2,500ft in this area with probably over 1000 wifi networks interfering...
  2. B

    Best DBSMod Add-ons

    Hey Guys - I purchased and installed a DBSMod a few months ago for my Phantom 3 Standard. Unfortunately, the range increases weren't as large as I had hoped. So, I wanted to post to see what (if anything) you would suggest in addition to the DBSMod such as specific mini-amps, drone-side...
  3. Digdat0

    Phantom 3 Advanced - dual battery mod and modded software/firmware

    I have a Phantom 3 Advanced for sale. Works great, need cash. BRAND new shell dual battery mods with xt60 modded software/firmware to remove all limits, little bit faster as well. fw version 1.09.0060 Two carbon fiber battery wings with dual lock 16gb sd card included Plastic DJI Gimbal lock...
  4. H

    Questions On Firmware Upgrade of P3A to P3P With Cam/Gimbal Change

    The subject tells you what I'm doing. To complete this mod, I'll need a firmware upgrade. My questions are: 1. The bird will need its firmware upgraded. Recent discussion has shown problems, some significant, with later upgrade versions. What's the best version to use from your experience...
  5. tml4191

    For Those With Hacked Drones, DJI is Fighting Back

    If you modded or hacked your DJI drone, then this might be of some interest to you: DJI is Now Fighting Against DJI Hacks - WeTalkUAV
  6. tml4191

    Phavic Conversion Kit P3 + Mavic w/ Official Link

    Phavic Conversion Kit: Turn Your Phantom 3 into a Mavic Like Drone
  7. tml4191

    For sale 2 15.2v 4000mAh batteries only $40 shipped Venoms

    I have these two like new 4s 2300mAh batteries for sale. These were used less than 4 times, and they are in storage mode (50-60%) right now. They are currently attached to custom made brackets for a mod I was using, so that'll be removed prior to shipping. Feel free to ask questions. If you are...
  8. I

    Rem Ctrl Booster (Mod) Completed, Sirius Booster v1.0

    Rem Ctrl Booster (Mod) Completed, Sirius Booster v1.0 . ...Not another 'Franken-MOD', No Velcro, Ty-Raps, Wing-Nuts, Brackets or Wires, Plug-N-Play, takes approx 2min to setup and/or take dwn, I built it with sacrificial conn's, has gotten extremely windy here so haven't had a chance to give it...
  9. tml4191

    Modded P4P battery mod brackets DIY'D

    I had the materials, so I spent a few hours custom fitting the instamorph with a piece of plastic from a dishwashing rack. The weight may be heavier, but it's an easy design that snaps on and off. The total weight of the battery, brackets, instamorph, zip ties, and battery mod are less than...
  10. tml4191

    Phantom 4 Pro Battery MOD Need your Help.. Drifting/ Flight Time Video + Pics

    I turned off the obstacle avoidance and noticed that there was no option to disable VPS. The drone flew perfectly fine, but after a few minutes in, I noticed it started to drift up or down, and it descending extremely slow a few times! Please check the video and see what the problem may be. As...
  11. I

    Peace of Mind.. Antenna's Actually Tuned for our Drones

    . ...Most Antenna's on the market have poor Return Loss & VSWR specs and the Tuning varies Wildly, thats why you may find or read about 1 set of antenna working reasonable while the performance of another set by the same mfg is abysmal.. I recently purchased a batch of antennas that while within...
  12. tml4191

    Just got the p4p battery mod, but I need a split pack. Can anyone please recommend a good one?

    What's your guys' favorite split battery mod for the p4? I just received a long awaited order from the UK(pre-order), and I'm itching to test it, but I still need to get a new battery since the 4s that I got from hobby king is a single fat pack.
  13. B

    Cool use of an old Phantom shell

  14. tml4191

    Is This The First P4P + Antenna Panel MOD? PICS*

    It's still a WIP according to cIJI, but it seems like these are already available. He claims that it can reach 8km max, but the battery is still an issue. Maxxuav... where you at? :) I might still wait for maxxuav because they have proven to be reliable. Here are some pics:
  15. tml4191

    Who's interested in buying a p4p/p4 battery mod?

    Is anyone interested in a battery mod that doesn't require any wiring? Also, list how much you are willing to pay for it below.
  16. S

    Planning on upgrading my P3S motors, Will these work?

    Tiger Motor MN2214 920kv - AntiGravity (4 White Motors) Will those work? and do i need to get new ESC's or can i keep the stock ones?
  17. V

    P2V swapping radio tx module in remote controller

    Dear pilots Im new to the forum, but not so new to RC and flying phantoms. I've searched half of the web to find the answer, but with no success. So I am asking you for help. I think about using my remote from P2 v.2 (2.4Ghz) with P2V at 5.8Ghz. I have both remotes on both frequencies, but I...
  18. tml4191

    Anyone know if these are any good?

    Are they just squeeze fit? DJI Phantom 3 RC Quadcopter Transmitter Mounting Bracket Holder Fixed Seat
  19. tml4191

    Fstop Lab's 4 Watt Booster for your P3/ P4 $250== NOW $175 Free Shipping

  20. tml4191

    How's does this battery compare to the multistar 5200mah? .. dual batt. Mod

    Title change: How* 1. 4S Carbon V-Max 110C LiPo Pack Battery w/Deans (15.2V/6500mAh) by Team Orion [ORI14077] | Cars & Trucks Seems good, but the price is a little on the top shelf side. Anyone know how this battery works with the dual battery mod on the p3/p4?^^ 2.FlowerPower Infinity LIHV...