1. D

    Comprehensive DJI Battery Guide

    With the holiday season coming up, many of you may become new DJI owners. Whether it be the pocket-sized Spark or the well-equipped Phantom 4 Pro, they all run on the same thing: a battery. While they are intelligent batteries, they can’t do everything. The batteries can’t control how they are...
  2. Tattu 12000mAh 6S1P 15C Lipo Battery Pack for Dji S800,900,1000

    Tattu 12000mAh 6S1P 15C Lipo Battery Pack for Dji S800,900,1000

    Professional UAV battery Tattu 12000mAh 6S1P 15C lipo battery pack for multirotor like DJI S800, DJI S900, S1000, Walkera QR X800 and other multicopter. Long flight time, ultralight and high density.
  3. M

    What instead a Lipo bag?

    I want to travel with airplane via alitalia from but i don't want to spend a lot of time in the security Please help
  4. IBV

    Battery for RC GL300C

    After all my Lipo battery for the remote controller GL300C is dead. I couldn't find a replacement one. The original got 7.4 V with 6000mAh and strange enough 4 wires. It's out of warranty. Any idea? Do I need to buy a new Rc?
  5. Dixie Flyer

    Airline Travel With P4 Batteries

    I will be traveling domestically in the US soon with my Phantom 4 and two spare batteries. I have a Case brand Wheeled hard case. I have read conflicting information both from Delta Airlines and the TSA outlining how one may travel with batteries. One of the problems is that I am aware of the...
  6. Natalio

    Dual battery for Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H3-3D?

    Hi, I have a Phantom 2 (isn't the Phantom 2 Vision nor Phantom 2 Plus) with Zenmuse H3-3D and FPV...It's compatible with any pack of lipo batteries for the mode dual battery? I have read something about this ... but I can not confirm it as it is in reference to the Phantom Vision... MaxAmps...
  7. petermeter

    built a diy lipo safe box, will it work?

    steel box, drywall, oven seal, in the cover is stainless steel wool and rockwool (for pressure release, flame stopping and a little smoke filtering) tested it with a little amount of black powder, seemed to work good, but not sure it will withstand a real lipo burning, dont want to test...
  8. A

    Phantom 4 in Checked Luggage

    I am flying from Toronto to Paris (Charles de Gaulle) in just over 24 hours, en route to Edinburgh. I have a Phantom 4, its controller, minimal accessories and two batteries that I have stored in the original grey styrofoam shipping box (once the price of the ThinkTank Helipak goes down I will...
  9. D

    DJI puts UPS shipping service in Danger?

    Better training in the shipping department is needed. Three batteries were damaged during shipping. There was no note stating not to deny the package and have it returned to sender and now its in transit back to DJI damaged and I can't stop it, part of this is UPS fault for not noting it was...
  10. Z

    Phantom 2 battery hack -smart battery to go to ordinary lipo

    Hello,im David from Croatia.Im not flying for 3 months because of the swollen almost dead battery .I really need technical expertise or step by step how to solder and make a connection on the smart battery ,so it can go on ordinary li po batteries.I would put multistar 5200mah .So please if...
  11. N

    Lithium Polymer Problems

    Hi all! I am sick of using lithium polymer batteries lately. After using a battery for one month, it discharges faster then before. Also, while recharging it, I need to stay close to it for safety reasons (overheat, overcharge, explosions: as recommended on many blogs). And finally, each time...
  12. Gustavo Aguiar

    Battery lif vs real life span

    Hi guys I'd like some help about DJI P2 battery life. I have one that after 31 flights has 90% of life. I have read a plenty of articles and watched some videos about not flying bellow 90% of life, but I wonder if DJI wants us to buy more batteries or the battery is really almost dead. I have...
  13. M

    Move Battery out of Transmitter (P3P)

    I have a boosted P3 transmitter that was driving me nuts. Well, it wasn't so much the transmitter, but the batteries in general, I guess, and the bird can take some credit for some of this because I was running non-standard batteries alongside the standard batteries in support of extended...
  14. Noah Buscher

    8 Times Charged 98% Battery Life

    I have only charged my P3S eight times and yet the battery life is already down to 98% - I live in Iowa, and it's been quite cold, but I've only flown it under the recommend minimum temp once. I never store the battery at full charge (more like 50% - 75%). Any idea what might be going on...
  15. R

    Program battery discharge warning?

    I have been reading about LiPo batteries. After a flight my batteries usually show around 13%. I've read it's not good to go below 20%. How do I change the settings on my Phantom 1 so that the light starts blinking red when there's 23% left on the battery? I use the Naza M Asistant software but...
  16. H

    FS : Brand New Phantom 2 Vision Battery

    My wife ordered a few things for my Phantom 3, and accidentally ordered a P2VIsion Battery also. God bless her for doing it, so can't be mad at her. :D Anyways, It is brand new in package, just got it yesterday, so brand spanking new. Asking $75+Shipping for it, which should be a good price...
  17. DroniRoma

    Invitation to LiPo Fire Accident Assessment Free Survey

    Hi folks! We just launched the LiPo Fire Accident Assessment Free Survey on Google Forms. LiPo Fire Accident Free Assessment The purpose of the Assessment is to build and share a free data base to document, analyse and increase awareness of LiPo Fires accidents happening worldwide...