1. rickybobby2189

    IMU Initulising (may spelled wrong) Help

    Sometimes I have a 10 15 minute fight with my drone to get it in the air. For instance, sometimes it has a fit trying to get a live video feed. I will have to close the app, restart the app and if that doesn't work I'll restart the drone itself and if that doesn't work I'll reset the controller...
  2. F

    Failed Take Off

    Hi Guys, I was hoping some one could look at the flight logs attached to help identify an issue. As I was taking off, just as I increased power and the drone was just lifting off, the Go4 app flashed a warning and the rotors stopped dead and the drone dropped to the ground. The warning (I think...
  3. BMWZ4M

    Barometer Disconnect Error

    Finally nice out. Took out the P4 adv to work to take some pics. After not sure it in a couple months. Started it up, and got this error “can’t fly”. I reset the IMU, compass still got the same error DJI support is a joke, they keep you tied up then eventually they say send it back. I...
  4. M

    phantom hovers then goes into spiral crash

    Hi, I took of with my phantom 4 today and it was hovering fine but when i went to accelerate the drone went into downward spiral and crashed. The problem was repeated 3 times with the same result. I calibrated the IMU and the same thing happened. the drone seem to hover fine but thats it. Is...
  5. K

    Advance IMU calibration P4P

    Hey! I got my new P4p and i tried to made a IMU calibration via Assistant 2 but the process doest goes further than 90% , and stay there forever. I tried installing assistant again, restarting my mac, restarting P4p , starting first Assistant , conecting the RC, refreshing the P4p FW and...
  6. FlyingCircles

    IMU Calibration- Is Flat Surface My Only Concern?

    When doing an IMU calibration I am aware that the surface must be exactly level and the colder the better. But what about surrounding interference like metal and wireless home routers, can these external forces have an effect when doing an IMU calibration?
  7. S

    Phantom 3 Pro problem with calibration (inactive)

    Hello, I ve just buy Phantom 3 Pro, but I can not calibrate it, I'm searching forum for answers but I can not find help anywhere. I do as the instruction said, I update the firmware to 1.8 and install it to drone using DJI GO app. Im using DJI GO app not DJI Go 4 app. After this I was asked to...
  8. R

    IMU Calibration Issue/ Legs shaking

    Hello, I have a P3S and and told me the IMU needs to be calibrated. I go to calibrate the IMU, I do a check to see if it needs to be calibrated and it tells me "the IMU doesn't need to be calibrated". I go ahead and want to calibrate it anyway and it will not calibrate. Attached is a photo to...
  9. R

    IMU will not Calibrate/ Legs Vibrating

    Hello, I have a P3S and and told me the IMU needs to be calibrated. I go to calibrate the IMU, I do a check to see if it needs to be calibrated and it tells me "the IMU doesn't need to be calibrated". I go ahead and want to calibrate it anyway and it will not calibrate. Attached is a photo to...
  10. khamees1975

    Noise in video Phantom 4

    Hi i have this problem just from yesterday noise in video Phantom 4 just in video in photo mode no problem , i have reset camera settings not fix it i have make IMU Not help i did defult setting not help i downgrade the firmware not help i upgrade the firmware not help enable 3d noise reduction...
  11. Snowwolf

    Phantom 4 pro IMU calibration

    Hi all, has anyone managed to perform an IMU on the P4P successfully without the fail warning at the end ?
  12. PlanetPapi

    I liked DJI support.

    My P3 A is only months old and having issues with constant IMU errors. Sometimes restarting helps some times don't. Sometimes moving the drone a few feet worked. I have been living with it until it is completely stubborn and not lifting off the ground at all. I contacted someone on the DJI...
  13. rDp

    P2V (not plus) Unstable After Crash

    P2V fell 403 ft. at a distance of 600 ft. from Home point. Before falling, P2V became unstable and lost signal with RC; flight software was DJI Ultimate Flight. Surprisingly, visible damage was props and prop guards. Landing leg containing compass was slightly compressed with cover pooped...
  14. W

    IMU Both Failed

    Hi All, I did IMU calibration ( Read somewhere its good to do now and then) IMU1 failed with Automatic Orientation Error IMU2 Failed with Temperature Out of safe Calibration range. Battery is at 31 degrees C History, I've flown the phantom 4 maybe 5 times, haven't had any issues, haven't...
  15. T

    Initialization sensors do not seem active at all

    I have the IMU initialization error. I have set the P3 pro on level ground, and waited for it to initialize for 30 minutes, but it never does. I have turned the controller and app on 1st and opened up the IMU sensor panel. Then, turned on the drone, then hit IMU calibration, but nothing happens...
  16. J

    DJI Phantom Pro 3 Video is JITTERY/SHAKES (urgent!)

    Hi all! I am rather new here but have been droning for a while. I am really frustrated with my DJI Phantom Pro 3. Not only has the video been jittery, no fix seems to work. I tried with the gimbal, resetting, updating the firmware on everything, doing IMU (twice), and everything in between...
  17. Royr1957

    IMU calibration platform

    I made a handy, little IMU calibration platform from an old 18" ceramic floor tile. I used JB Weld to glue nuts to the corners of the tile, I put rubber feet on the bolt heads and this works great to make a level platform for the calibration. Not my worst idea this week...
  18. I

    P3 4k IMU Values blank, can not calibrate

    DJI App does not display IMU values. They are just blank. Perhaps that was the reason that I almost lost the aircraft couple of days ago and hardly managed to land. Any ideas? How do I make IMU values appear so I can do calibration. IMU Check and Calibration buttons do not do anything. Just...
  19. P

    Anyone in South Wales Uk

    Hi I have just bought this and set it all up as required, including firmware updates. Updates seemed to go through fine but now got a message calibrate imu. The problem is the calibrate imu button and the check button are both greyed out and I cannot select them. Any help much appreciated