1. N

    DJI Support Runaround MAVIC FLYAWAY

    I have the mavic mini and have just had my first flyaway. I thought it would be a simple warranty repair /return since ive only flown the thing for about 30 minutes , but after a month of back and forth BS I relented and DJI sent me back a box of broken dreams. I have two questions for the...
  2. Z

    P2V+ very strange and dangerous problem

    Hello fellow Phantom Pilots. I bought a used P2V+ that I was assured worked completely fine on a test flight before the seller put up the offer. However, no matter the flight mode I try, immediately after takeoff it will just shoot off backwards at a slight angle with a high speed. On the first...
  3. E

    Flight no longer steady, flyaway/crash close call

    Hey Everyone, I have a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ That doesn't have that many hours on it. I can probably say it has only been on around 12 flights in its lifetime. With that said, the recent flights have become very unpredictable, with it not being able to hover steady, nor is it easy to land...
  4. R

    first flyaway please help decipher

    Couldn't figure out how to convert dat file. Opened it and here is the content. Can someone please help me decipher this flyaway flight? [["2017-11-14 13:33:26","","Home Point Recorded. RTH Altitude: 50m."]],[["2017-11-14 13:40:33","Warning","In Flight, working compass encounters...
  5. D

    Anyone near Hollywood want a free drone?

    I lost my Phantom 3 on holiday a few weeks ago and I'm in New Zealand so can't go get it. I have the co-ordinates / map of where it landed from the log files, just need someone to go get it. It's located near Camp Hollywoodland so you may need to jump a fence to get access to the area. PM me...
  6. thefrisbee995

    Phantom More Reliable Than Mavic?

    I've been over on Mavic Pilots since the beginning and on here since shortly after the Mavic started shipping.. Is it just my imagination or does it seem like there are a lot more Mavics flying away than there are Phantoms? Any ideas why? Or maybe you disagree?
  7. We Talk UAV

    Military Drone Flyaway

    Yes, I guess it can happen. Still, it must be a nightmare of you being in charge of a 1.5 million dollar drone and having it just take off on you. Worse yet, how can you trace where it is going to? Being not too far from the Mexico border perhaps part of my concern would be if the drone flies...
  8. Camera King

    Word of Warning...Flyaway

    Just returned home from a day of flying and had a near miss. Went to a very remote lake and found an excellent spot to launch. Set my compass, batteries warmed up, waited for the all clear, set my home point. Put my drone up about 10 feet or so and then it began flying backward towards some...
  9. C


    Link to flight info: - Innovative flight data analysis that matters I was flying backwards getting footage of land, when djigo crashed (nothing new); I immediately hit RTH, then worked on getting djigo back open (which previously worked - was usually able to reconnect without...
  10. G

    Help! - Gone nuts; got dizzy and flew into a mountain

    Hi, deeply appreciate some expert opinion after a P3A 'flyaway' Was my 1st flight post the DJI GO v2.9.1 update for android (5.0.2) DJI GO crashed upon 1st opening (initiated from the controller) Shutdown and restarted the controller - GO opened and my settings preserved with the exception of...
  11. Michael Sepesy

    Word of advice. Mark ur phantom with your phone number! By a GPS tracking device to mount to It!

    I am not new to RC's. Not once did I have a fly away with a helicopter, or a plane, in over 20 years. Then again, I wasn't relying on firmware or software. The quadcopter is so easy. ..a caveman can do it. But trust me, when your phamtom flys away, and your $1400.00 investment is gone with no...
  12. A

    P4 climbing beyond max and landing hard

    I was flying my P4 along a river and climbing slowly, I then decided to climb a bit quicker to get a more expansive shot and heard the motors go to max. P4 was about 240 metres along the river at this time. I released all sticks and watched as the altitude kept rising rapidly. DJI Go app...
  13. S

    Lost my P3A and I'm devastated.

    Quick back story. I had owned the P3A for about 2 weeks prior to taking it with me on vacation to the White Mountains in NH. I had flown my P3S on several Litchi missions before this and purchased the A as an upgrade for the trip. I upgraded the firmware on the AC, Controller as well as all 3...
  14. M

    Phantom 4 crash "IMU error"

    Hi, I have been in the RC modeling hobby for about 8 years now. Started off with a Raptor 30, then went to a Miniature Aircraft Stratus. Have had my fair share of crashes. I recently bought a Phantom 4, and IT WAS AWESOME. the video was stunning, integration of the entire system was pretty much...
  15. F

    Can a fly away be recovered?

    Ok so before posting this i went and search in the forum about flyaway.After reading a lot of terrible accident which just scared me even more lol had this question. Let say you are flying with gps and lose gps very far away can you switch over atti and steer it yourself back to safety? Let...
  16. Q

    My first flyaway! What did I do wrong?

    Hello: So now I've had my first flyaway and I don't want to fly my P3S again until I figure out what I did wrong or ??? I just went out and did a flight tonight to play with my new ND filters. And it turns into a disaster -- almost. When callabraiting the compass before, I've had errors and...
  17. Gpanek

    Flyaway in "Follow me" mode

    I have a rather new P3A and was trying out the follow me mode, when the drone took off flying backwards. I hit the RTH button and it stopped and came back but I don't know what might have caused that. I was having difficulty reading the screen on my droid phone because of glare but I kept...
  18. N

    Is it my drone with the flyaway problem? How can i discover the cause of it?

    Well, hello guys, i've recently buyed a phantom 3 standard. Today i used the aircraft for the third time, at the moment i touched for the drone to go up, its started to fly at my direction, without i command it. Lucky me, i was able to catch him at midflight. Of course ive been researching on...
  19. Gjeret

    Advanced "New" refurb, in beginner mode, flyaway and crash

    So, I got a factory refurb advanced, as a spare drone. I already have Pro, (Hoping the FAA will relax the commercial side of drones) so I let a co worker borrow it, and he took it out a few times, always in beginner mode. Well, it flew away and crashed. My coworker swears he was only going up...
  20. Raggitash

    Do I need a GPS Tracker?

    Lads, Am readin aboot GPS trackers bein yeased, Div we really need wun given thae P3P haes GPS aun it? Ah thoucht thit even if thae thing fell frum thae sky we wid still see it aun the tablet or phone. Is thit nae richt? Dae ah need a GPS tracker or no? Whit dae ye think? Raggi