compass error

  1. H

    Professional Always atti mode. The drone always goes into atti mode.

    Hi guys. For a long time did not include the drone (about a year). Today I wanted to shoot a video, but I could not. The drone constantly goes into atti mode and shows a compass error. And the drone carries in the direction of the wind. How to fix this problem? What happened?
  2. L

    Compass error after flying on an airplane.

    Hey. I flew to another country on vacation. I took a drone with me. But he could not use it. After transporting a drone in an airplane, he constantly gets a compass error. Calibration does not help. He returned to his country - the compass error did not disappear. What could be the problem?
  3. I

    Professional Compass error after takeoff drone from the roof of the car.

    Today were filming a video in the forest. There was tall grass. I had to take off from the roof of the car. After takeoff, the drone switched to atti mode and showed a compass error. I calibrated the compass, but it did not help. Compass error now with each flight. How to fix it? Replace the...
  4. D

    Professional Compass error. Bad buy (

    Hello. Recently I bought a drone. (used). Bought with delivery from another country. The first owner recorded on the video of the flight of the drone, the testimony of the program - everything was fine (no problems and errors). Today I received a parcel and went to fly. After 1-2 minutes of...
  5. L

    Advanced Compass error after landing on the iron roof.

    Hey. Guys help. I get a problem with the compass after a forced landing on the iron roof. After take-off, there always appears a compass error. How to fix it? Ph 3 ADV
  6. Paul55

    P4P Compass Error

    My P4P had a hard drop while in the carrying case and now has compass error message. Re-calibrating several times does nothing. From reading here DJI will most likely return a different bird. Is there a non-DJI repair option available that has good reviews? Thanks
  7. John Bollinger

    Help i've fallen and cant take off!!!

    Hello Ladies and Gents, I am looking for advice from you all. I was flying this morning and videoing for a local church youth group. I had received a low battery warning and was taking my P3S away from the group to land when a gust of wind on what had been a calm day blew my drone into the...
  8. D

    Advanced Compass error. Has already replaced 3 compasses. Help.

    Hey.Ph3 adv For the year of use, the drone has already changed 3 compasses. After 2-3 months, a compass error appears. The calibration does not help. The compass is calibrated, but the error still appears. I'm tired of changing compasses. Prompt in what a problem ??? (((
  9. Rado

    Compass & IMU Errors on flight this morning

    Hi All, First post here and I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to correct a near crash flight from this morning. For some context, I have been flying DJI's for a little over 1.5 years now and have had a phantom 3 SE, phantom 3 pro, mavic pro, and just picked up a phantom 4...
  10. A

    Advanced Quadrocopter does not fly in a straight line. Compass error.

    Do not fly in a straight line - constantly blows to the side. With a moderate wind, a compass error appears. The compass is not colibrated. What should I do? Guys help me =(((
  11. J

    P4 Compass Error

    ’m having a problem with my p4 where whenever I take off after about a minute of air time my drone takes itself out of gps mode. I have read multiple threads on both the DJI forum page and Phantom Pilots and no one has given an actual solution, people only say to recalibrate the compass and IMU...
  12. leeblynch

    Compass error mid air

    I have had my P2V+ for two years now and have flow over 10 hours of flights with it. I have just replaced almost everything in my Phantom 2 vision plus (I use it for Search and Rescue missions and wanted to make sure it was ready for many more missions), actually all but the wifi module and GPS...
  13. JJErrico

    Request advice: Compass error, Yaw error, Weak GPS signal

    Nearly lost control of my P4A yesterday shortly after takeoff. Would appreciate help from fellow owners to understand the cause. Here's some pertinent facts: At 32 sec, I had VLOS to the AC approx 20 ft from Home point and 115 ft AGL. Message appeared "exiting GPS mode. Warning:Compass Error...
  14. P

    Phantom 3 advanced crash (Probably Compass issue)

    My DJI Phantom 3 Advanced just recently crashed and here is the video of the crash. I think it was a compress error but I am not sure. I had calibrated the compass at the beginning of the flight and there were no compass errors that I saw during the flight. Even when it was plummeting towards...
  15. J

    P4 Advanced Authorization Zone Mid Flight & Compass Error

    I thought I'd post a situation that happened to me a few weeks ago in case someone else has had the same issue out there. I'm completely disappointed in the new firmware and how it has been programmed to handle Authorization Zone situations. The first flight was great. Hours after purchasing...
  16. I

    Almost had a fly-away with my P3P. Why??

    was flying in my usual spot at the end of my entrance on the road. There are 4 heavy electrical wires above the entrance but I never fly over the wires. I always stay clear and fly the other way for the last year and a half. Never had a problem. Tonight, after confirming GPS location I went...
  17. U

    LG V20 Issues

    I was flying my P3S perfectly fine just a day ago. Now im getting a compass error please exit p-gps mode and all that nonsense so I contacted DJI and they said to try and iPhone. My mom is the only one in my house owning an iPhone and its the iPhone 7 Plus so I knew it was on DJI's...
  18. H

    About beginners luck and compass error

    Hi, I am new to this forum having just acquired my very own P3S after having flown the Hubsan X4 for a year. Yesterday I was out flying for the first time in my backyard. I had previously calibrated the compass on the P3 indoors (yeah i know - read the manual! - stupid thing to do)...
  19. S

    Professional Compass Calibrate

    I have the P3P. All my firmware is updates. I have 3 batteries, which I labeled so I can keep them in order of use. One of batteries when placed in the Phantom, I keep getting a message that I need to calibrate the compass. When I complete this, i get ready to fly and I get the error again...
  20. Skyer

    Phantom 3 - Compass error free flights? Anyone?

    Hello! After sending in my Phantom 3 Advanced for inspection at DJI's US service center in California, it was repaired under warranty and shipped back to me. The repair "quote" (even though it was repaired under warranty) indicated it had the "Phantom 3 main control board component" replaced...