compass calibration

  1. S

    Double beep from gimble and compass won't calibrate

    Newbie and first post. After a crash, I can't get the P3S to calibrate the compass. During its last flight I got the 'Strong interference detected' message several times. It lost connection and started to return home finally crashing on a shed roof. Now I get a double beep from the gimble upon...
  2. Lindsaybev

    Compass Mod Values on P4A using Litchi?

    So, I feel foolish. I went to fly my drone and got my very first calibrate compass warning. I tried to do it three times, but it was not working. DUH! Then I realized I was standing on a bridge, probably made up of huge amounts of steel under all that cement. Dumb. So I have since...
  3. M

    Gimbal cannot received MC data / Compass disconnected

    HI, I recently replaced the outer shell on me P4 and when i tried to start it after the repair i received a gimbal cannot receive main controller data and compass error. Calibration required. When i try and calibrate the compass nothing happens and in the compass status screen it says compass...
  4. S

    Can't calibrate the compass

    Hello, a few months ago I dropped my P2V+ in the water and the gps stopped working so i replaced the gps module and it works fine now. But i still have some problems. 1) Everytime I try to calibrate the compass it fails. The horizontal calibration works fine but after the vertical calibration...
  5. J

    Compass calibration

    Phantom 4 pro plus help: I get an error message in the upper left, "Compass Error. Move aircraft or calibrate compass" on my monitor. When I go to compass calibration, compass 1 reads "disconnected" and compass 2 read out is excellent. I go thru the compass calibration and a pop up says compass...
  6. kilhan

    When to calibrate compass (and what for)?

    Hi Guys, I’m a bit confused with the problem of compass calibration. In the DJI P4P manual it is clearly stated: “ ONLY calibrate the compass when the DJI GO 4 app or the status indicator prompt you to do so.” In many other tutorials (even on the my UAVO course) I’ve read or heard advices to...
  7. R

    compass calibration

    I can't complete the compass calibration! The vertical turn wont calibrate, message come up about compass magnetism interference! Why,,,,, I've tried to calibrate in multiple locations? BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE; It's a new AC, flew in once, hard landing (upside down)(not sure if this is the issue)...
  8. P

    Compass calibrate

    I've tried calibrating by turning Phantom around as it says, tried repositioning ... still won't logs onto compass HELP please
  9. lil boss

    Question Regarding Compass Calibration

    Regarding this.... When calibrating Remove all metal from within 10ft radius, e.g. watch, phone, ring, belt, coins, controller. No issues... perfectly clear !!! After calibration and when flying can the above items go back on, or do they stay off ? I'm not sure I'm wanting my pants to...
  10. R

    Gimbal Repair & Calibration Error

    Hi All, Been lurking here for several months but just recently came across an issue that I can't resolve with researching the existing posts. Long story short; repaired my drone last night after a crash that snapped the camera off the yaw arm. Replaced the yaw arm, gimbal motor and the...
  11. Winelad


    Hi Guys , thanks for all the advice so far , been flying 1 month and love it . Couple of questions regarding batteries - I've bought a spare battery for longer flying . What is best protocol regarding charging ? Should I run batteries flat before charging or can I top up if one has been...
  12. I

    Calibration ERROR.

    Hi everyone! I hava some problems with my Phantom 2 H4-3D. I've recently crashed the aircraft with a tree and now I can't calibrate the compass. Always it shows yellow/red light. The compass parameters are OK. The aircraft always shows GPS/Ready to fly green light. There are no errors or...
  13. Bob Hyslop

    compass - can it go out of calibration in flight ?

    Hi all, Bit of a silly question I guess but I need to find out (before I make a massive dent in something expensive). Once the compass has been successfully calibrated before flight could it go out of calibration during a flight if you got too close to something with loads of steel such as a...
  14. C

    compass will not calibrate after crash, electromagnetic interference error

    I had a bad crash, yet the copter seems to still be alive, except that the compass will not calibrate after crash, and I get the high electromagnetic interference error every time I boot up or go through the compass calibration process. something may well be broken inside, but was hoping there...
  15. Drone Quads

    Compass Relocation Help and Advice with VIDEO

    Greetings all, I'm a newbie here to the forum & glad to be a member posting my first help thread. I could sure use some help & advise with a compass issue. As of a few weeks ago, I had a bone stock P1, however last week I recently crashed it. I have been wanting to paint & modify the Phantom 1...
  16. cobyism

    P3P compass won’t calibrate - seeking advice

    Happy new year all! Been lurking here since ordering my P3P, but now that it’s arrived, I’ve run into an issue that I need some advice with. After I got everything unboxed and charged, I switched the aircraft on and it told me that there was a compass error, and it needed to be calibrated...
  17. N9344H

    NooB Compass Calibration Q's

    As I am new to this forum, I want to introduce myself. I am fairly new to quads, but not to flying. I have my private pilots license (VFR, single engine) but haven't flown in quite some time, as it just got too time consuming and expensive (and lonely as my kids grew bored of flying with me)...
  18. A

    P3A Australian Compass Calibration

    Hey there, I just bought my P3A today and I heard that some people are saying that in Australia you need to do the compass calibration the opposite way to which the app tells you. E.g) APP: Turn 360 degrees Clockwise. AUSTRALIA: Turn 360 degrees Anti-Clockwise. Is this correct?
  19. D

    Compass calibration vertical mode incomplete

    The first part of my compass calibration (rotating in normal flight attitude) works fine — I get the green LEDs after a little over one rotation. But when I do the second part (rotating nose-down) instead of returning to green, LEDs display slow yellow flashing, no matter how many times I...
  20. C

    Old firmware required (or do i?)

    Hi, Just fitted a RP Gimble to PV2. At the start i entered the assistant to make the adjustments to the pitch, this was the very first time i have attached the Phantom to the computer. i also did an update! (3.14) I think this is where i went wrong! its all bollocks now. Gps/battery indicators...