1. Florida Drone Supply


    Florida Drone Supply has made arrangements to offer our customers 0% interest for 24 months with $0 down payment on all brands and all products including the new Matrice 300 RTK & the Autel Evo II Dual! Due to popular demand we have chosen to EXTEND this limited time offer! Who is eligible to...
  2. C

    107 Exam (commercial drone pilot)

    Hello, fellow drone pilots and hobbyists, I'm getting mixed feelings about the exam when it comes to needing a prep school, based on what I've seen here. Some say they were just fine without it (meaning "you don't really need it"), some mean "the school really made it a lot easier and it was...
  3. Rado

    Pricing for 3-4 Month Construction Project?

    Hey all! I have been granted the opportunity to create a proposal for a 3-4 month commercial construction project (restaurant/ bar/ event center) where the client would like a timelapse of the construction, normal stills, and video at certain points in the project. A little background, I'm part...
  4. S

    Are You Starting a Drone Business (or considering it)? ... How's it going?

    I've been pondering stepping up my drone hobby into trying to make some income from it. I know there is lots of info around on what it takes to do that, but I'd love to hear from people who are actually doing it (in particular people who have gone from a hobby to a business or side business), or...
  5. G

    Excellent Idea 2 share commercial experiences

    Great to see and have, this chance to share commercial drone operators experiences.
  6. E

    San Diego Presentation - Ask the UAS Drone Experts Live

    Ask the UAS / UAV and Drone Experts Live Date and Time:. Wednesday, December 20, 2017, starting at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time Speaker(s): Jeff Riolo and other sUAS Leaders Brief Description: This is your chance to Ask the Experts in Panel Discussion Recreation / Hobby, Commercial, & Public...
  7. D

    Drone Photo and Video Contracts? Looking for a sample

    I have been doing pro drone work for about 2 years now. I have just been using my standard photo contract so far. Does anyone have a really good contract sample they would be willing to share with me? Mostly I do residential real estate but have been getting more requests for commercial work...
  8. DroneOnNDP

    San Francisco City Drone Law UAS Filming Policy?

    Do any San Francisco Bay Area commercial 107 pilots in the forum have experience flying a drone in the City of San Francisco proper, under the published rules? I have a potential shoot coming up next month, was looking for war stories, help/advice if any of ya'll have it?! Thanks in advance...
  9. jlazz447

    (Need Advice) Commercial Shoot of Private Property

    Hello All! I have a difficult question I was hoping someone could shed some light on for me... I was recently contacted by a production company that wanted to use my drone video they saw online for part of a episode in their upcoming television show. The video was taken about a year ago and...
  10. Not A Speck Of Cereal

    Telling me not to fly there: is he right?

    First off, I follow the recreational flyer rules, I'm FAA registered, I'm not a newbie, I'm certainly not one of those "how dare any person or agency tell ME where to fly!" fools. I also like to help educate the public, including those who think I'm creepy for piloting a camera in the sky, etc...
  11. H

    registration question

    just paid the 5$ for the simple non commercial option just to make sure i was legal . my question is : when ever I'm ready to go out and try for paid jobs do i have to do the process again but for commercial lic ????
  12. David Cooke

    You think Canadas NEW RULES are a problem?

    If you think the edict from Transport Canada is a problem for recreational fliers . . read the small print in their Staff Instruction 623-001. . . Anyone who has an SFOC likely skimmed over that Note: but I am working on achieving "COMPLIANCE" . . so I have actually been reading it. Note...
  13. I

    Domestic Roof Inspection Rates

    Hey there fellow drone enthusiasts! I am looking at starting my own residential roof inspections business to check for things such as clogged gutters, dirty solar panels, crumbled chimneys etc etc. How much would you experienced people charge for such a service? I really see true potential in...
  14. D

    Made a Quick Little Commercial For Myself - What do you think?

    Ignore the spelling error. I know...
  15. J

    Offline 3D Mapping

    Hello, I was speaking to a gentleman today who has retired from the oil and gas industry. He wants to get into 3D mapping for oil and gas companies. However, where he would be working has no WiFi and no cell service. Is there any mapping software out there that works will no WiFi connection or...
  16. J

    Whos started a small Aerial photography business in UK?

    Just trying to work out if its viable to start a part time dorn ephotography & video business. I have a drone, just need CAA approval after a course. Im in a rural spot so plenty of farms, buildings, estates, people will potentially want photographing but I'm just unsure if people will want to...
  17. J

    Starting commercial drone business advice

    I am looking to start a part time Drone Business taking photos in and around the area I live as I've recently purchased a Phantom 4 (for personal use currently) and there isnt any other companies around the area doing it, it would only be simple pics/videos of houses as its only part time. I...
  18. J

    How to obtain a commercial license?

    What is the process of obtaining a commercial license? So that i can sell the images and videos?
  19. microraptor

    Recreational or Commercial?

    To all phantom pilots. Just a little poll.
  20. SoCalDude

    Convert my Aircraft's Registration to Commercial

    When I first registered my aircraft, I registered it as a hobbyist. Now that I am Part 107 certified, I would like to change that registration to commercial. How does one go about doing that?