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Jan 10, 2017
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I am looking to start a part time Drone Business taking photos in and around the area I live as I've recently purchased a Phantom 4 (for personal use currently) and there isnt any other companies around the area doing it, it would only be simple pics/videos of houses as its only part time. I just wondered if people can confirm that I am heading in the right direction of what I need to do and I haven't missed anything obvious.

  1. Go on a course including creating operations manual and flight test similar to this link (CAA Compliant UAQ Drone Training Course (Drone Course))
  2. Apply for CAA Approval
As far as I under stand thats all thats needed?

Is there anyway CAA wouldnt approve my application as doing it as a one man band and not a full time business or do they usually approve providing you have complete the course (and passed)?

Thanks for advice folks!
I believe you have to take an in person FAA part 107 pilot test at an in person examination center. It costs $150 to take the test and you must get at least 70% to pass.

EDIT: Above information is solely for USA, not for U.K.
thanks for the reply - i should have stated i live in the UK. I think we have to do a course and exam that costs £1250 which I would pay if I knew for definite was all i needed to start off along with my drone.

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