1. L

    SOLD Phantom 4 Pro V2 Complete Operating Package $1800

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro V2 complete package I'm selling. I prefer to sell it all together to reduce the hassle of multiple payers and multiple shipments. I bought this to travel out west and used it on one trip. I've had a detached retina in both eyes, so I'm getting out of drone flying. I've...
  2. D D S

    Mavic 2 Intelligent Rapid Pro Charger Hub, 3 Batteries & 2 USB Ports in Only $19.99 with Free Shipping

    Ultimaxx Mavic 2 Intelligent Rapid Pro Charger Hub -3 Batteries + 2 USB Ports Only $19.99 with Free Shipping DJI Mavic 2, 5 in 1 Intelligent Multi Battery Charger works as a professional battery charger for DJI Mavic 2 flight batteries and remote controller. With multiple charging ports and 2...
  3. D D S

    ULTIMAXX Mavic 2 Dual Car Charger with USB Port Only in $7.99 with Free Shipping

    ULTIMAXX Mavic 2 Dual Car Charger with USB Port Only in $7.99 with Free Shipping DDS [email protected] 908 378 9192
  4. thegeekunderground

    [SOLD] Qty 4 Phantom 3 batteries 4480 mAh, 100w charger, DJI backpack, 6 new props, guards, GetterBack

    For sale I am offering this bundle of extra Phantom 3 accessories left over from before I upgraded to a M2P. Included are: Qty 4 OEM Phantom 3 standard/advanced/pro batteries. Charge counts of 15, 23, 42, and 55 cycles. Always stored at 50-75% charge (3rd light blinking) Qty 1 OEM 100w...
  5. New Phantom Owner

    Responsible Battery Use?

    So I have this Phantom. It has a Battery. Lasts around 20 minutes or so. Also have a car charger to charge away from home. I am in the market for an extra battery or three. My question is how long of a cool down time is sufficient, adequate, and or responsible for the longevity of the drone's...
  6. M

    ON THE Job Need Controller charged Morristown NJ

    hey all. I got a last minute job in Morristown NJ today and just drove an hour. Batteries are all charged on my multi port. But my Phantom 4 Controller is always good. But some how I must have left it on after the last flight. And it’s dead. I’m at a commercial property shoot but can’t power...
  7. tml4191

    Wireless Charger Station

    Would you use wireless drone charging technology on your drones? WiBotic Offers Wireless Drone Charging for any Drone - WeTalkUAV
  8. Green Phantom

    Battery Charger Review

    Hi everyone When out and about using your drone and you run out of battery, happens to me, and your too skint to buy another battery i purchased this battery charger and ive reviewed it for you all to see the results. Thanks
  9. R

    Do I charge the gimbal/camera?

    Do I charge the gimbal/camera? It has a micro usb port on it, but I'm not sure what it's for? Does the gimbal/camera get power from the battery? Thanks!
  10. tml4191

    Phantom 4 Battery MOD + Charger + Batteries for Extended and Long Range Flights

    I haven't used the battery mod for my phantom 4 lately, so I'm considering putting it up for sale. The package comes with an ACCUCELL S60 charger, two multistar batteries, and a DJI Phantom 4/Pro(+)/Advanced battery mod. The battery mod is easy to install since all you have to do is plug it in...
  11. tml4191

    F/S P4P/P4A /P4 100w Battery Charger BRAND NEW!

  12. K

    Mavic charger - 5 way

    I have a charger for a Mavic. Charges 3 batteries, plus 2 usb ports.Was sent this charger by mistake. Couldnt get the seller to understand they had sent me the wrong thing. Ebay seller wouldn't sent me the item I actually, $20 + shipping U.S. only PayPal only
  13. D

    Bought 2nd hand Phantom 3 Standard with no RC unit and charger

    Hi Guys, Had a bit of a pour through the forums here, and exhausted what GoogleFu I have, so in short... I just bought a Phantom 3 Standard on eBay, and like a total pratt didn't read the little bit of a footnote that stated it excluded the RC unit and the charger... Now I've found a few...
  14. G

    Charger Settings for Venom Quad Charger?

    I recently bought the following charger to be able to charge four Phantom 4 batteries at once. Venom Quad Charger Venom makes a charger just for the Phantom 4, but I had trouble with each battery connecting. I exchanged it for the generic charger. My question is, does anyone have advice on...
  15. HeadshotDeluxe

    Brand New DJI Phantom 3 Intelligent Batteries For Sale $100 each

    Purchased Batteries to use with a newly purchased P3Pro but jumped on the Phantom 4 deal at Newegg and returned the P3Pro. Batteries are up for grabs. Both Genuine. Serial Numbers on batteries. New here so let me know what other details I can provide. Also have a charger if anyone needs.
  16. M

    Phantom 3 Standard Accessories, props, charger, etc.

    DJI phantom 3 Standard Accessories. Props, Charger, etc. I'm selling some left over phantom accessories on ebay right now. 2 days left on the auction. The lot includes: Props - set of 4, unused Charger - Used, but like new Gimbal lock - Used, but like new Lens cap - Used, but like new Stickers...
  17. S

    P4P+ Accessories

    I thought some P4P+ owners might be interested in some of the accessories that are slowly making their way into the marketplace. So far, with good luck, I've purchased the silicone skin for the RC, a laminated glass screen protector, PolarPro ND filters (shutter collection) and a 4x charger...
  18. M

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus Battery Issue.

    Hello all. I have recently bought a new Phantom 2 Vision Plus (V.3). I have taken it out of the box, only to find that the battery is not working. When I click the button once, the indicators don't light up. Also, it doesn't turn on when I double click and hold. I have tried charging it on two...
  19. embayweather

    Mah put in to battery

    i have a P3P and I want to be able to monitor the number of mah out in to the battery, DJI batteries by the way. How can I do that please? I have the standard charger that comes with the aircraft. Will I need to buy a different charger? Many th aks in advance for your guidance.
  20. SoCalDude

    What is "Part 8"?

    When I see the Phantom 4 battery hub charger on different online sites, I notice that there are "Part 8" models and others (which don't specify Part 8). What does the Part 8 mean?