aircraft disconnected

  1. N

    Phantom 4 Remote not connecting

    Hello all. I have 2 identical P4s and one of the remotes takes several attempts connect and display on the DJI GO app. The display says aircraft disconnected. After refreshing the firmware on the remote or waiting 10-15 minutes the remote will eventually connect but the video signal drops out...
  2. G

    Aircraft Disconnected, Gimbal disconnected

    I have phantom 3 standard for a long time, and only now every time I try to fly does the same error happen, I turn on the drone control and connect to the mobile application successfully, but after a few minutes the drone disconnects and appears in the application aircraft disconnected and when...
  3. StevoDevo

    Phantom 4 Controller Connection Issue

    Hi Guys, Firstly, let me give you a quick background on myself. I've owned 3 Phantoms (starting with a Phantom 2 with a GoPro) so I know my way around these drones. Ever since I bought my Phantom 4 Pro (about 18 months ago), I've had controller connection issues. Here's the process: 1)...
  4. R

    Aircraft disconnected and crashed

    I flew my P4P out a few miles to the local water tower and everything was going fine at first (I was getting a forward vision sensor error at the time, not sure if this is related). When I got to the water tower my HD video started getting choppy (I was on 5 gHz) but the controller signal was...
  5. jimlips

    DJI GO iOS version 3.1.22 - requires quiz before flying?

    Greetings fellow pilots: I've got a P3A running the following: iPad Mini 2 w/iOS 11.0.3 (15A432) App: Version 3.1.22 Aircraft: Version 1.5.30+ Remote Controller: Version 1.8.0 Basic App Fly Safe Database: Version I recently upgraded from iOS 10 to 11, and when I did that, it...
  6. P

    Aircraft Disconnected, Aircraft Battery temp n/a, gimbal disconnected

    My phantom 3 standard started acting up. I recently replaced the ribbon when all of this started happening. On the DJI Go app it says that the aircraft is disconnected. Also when I go into the status it says that the aircraft battery is N/A. And that the gimbal is disconnected. I went through...
  7. N

    Aircraft disconnected

    Aircraft Disconnected, Gimbal disconnected, I am having a problem after installing new firmware and updating DJI Go and remote controller. The last time I flew (several months back the bird was working fine. Any ideas how to further troubleshoot this problem before I send it in for repairs.
  8. P

    Aircraft Disconnected/Gimbal Disconnected/Battery Temperature N/A

    Hey guys! I just unbox my new drone, flew it once, charged the battery, was going to fly it again but then it said the following "Aircraft disconnected, Gimbal Disconnected, Battery Temperature N/A" I have no idea what's going on. Help? The green dot in the gimbal is on.
  9. steveolondon

    Aircraft disconnected and no image transmission signal issue

    Hey everyone, so after many flight over the last few months i turn on my dji phantom 3 standard and it consistently says no image transmission signal issues followed by Aircraft disconnected and when i check the settings it says gimble disconnected, this is not true as the gamble is moving on...
  10. F

    "no image transmission signal" - "aircraft disconnected" after 1.flight

    Really appreciated if someone could help: - 1.flight out of the box was fine, forced me to do RC update and then I did aircraft update also - now I can't connect as dji app go says "aircraft disconnected" and under setting "gimbal disconnected" Almost tried everything - nothing helped -...
  11. D

    Need Your Help Please: P3A Goes crazy and crashes into creek. Now What? Flight Records Included

    Hey Guys! I would really love a little guidance on what my next steps should be after this crash. In a nutshell: I was flying along side a creek with no issues and out of the blue the phantom starts spinning wildly, as if it ran into something, and plummeted about 150ft into a very narrow...