Where are my shots?

Dec 6, 2014
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Finally had my first 2 successful flights with the Phantom 2 vision+. (previous take-off problems solved by a basic recalibration.)

I remember for sure that the Vision app was showing me that I was recording. Before I took the Phantom back out for more flights I swapped the memory card out when the Phantom was off for one with more memory.

When I did a test recording, the Vision app told me there was a memory card error. But the card icon was blue and not ghosted. I tried to format the new card but the manual only seems to point to the camera icon as the way to format the card. When I clicked the record (format?) icon I got the same memory card error.

So I replaced the new card with the original card that I recorded my first 2 flights on. Now on the card that was working fine before, I got the same error message when I tried a test recording.

I connected my Phantom to my computer and don't see any footage recorded. Am I trying to download the footage wrong or is there something I'm not understanding about recording & downloading footage or formatting a new memory card?
If you didn't press the video button to STOP the recording, then the video will not be "closed" and will be corrupted.

Try actually formatting the card which is accomplished by going to the Camera Setting icon not via the Record button.

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