What's up guys, going from Inspire to Phantom 3

Aug 26, 2013
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Hey guys, just wanted to check-in as I'm sure I'll be posting here much more often now. We are a commercial aerial video/photo supplier up in Canada using the Inspire and now Phantom 3 platforms. Our Inspire recently had a flyaway and significant damage so it's back at DJI for repairs (god knows how long that will take). So I went out and bought a Phantom 3 so we can continue to operate in the meantime.
I haven't got the thing in the air yet but from running the app and unit on my desk everything looks to be up to date and functioning nicely. Anything I should know before my first flight beside the usual stuff (i.e. calibrate compass, check mod values etc.)?

Thanks! Looking forward to posting up some videos with this thing over the next few months.
I don't have an inspire, but from all I've read and was told the P3 functions much like an inspire. U should have no problems with the switch.
Firmware and the new app and you should be in familiar territory.
She will be more zippy :)
Very similar platforms but I like the versatility of the P3 more than my Inspire, as @envisionabove said, a lot more zip! I'm a lot more daring with the P3 :) Would definitely recommend buying from a reputable dealer. I've always been very satisfied with Advexure here in LA and Wisconsin.
Right on, yea I'll be taking it out tomorrow for her maiden flight so I'll see how she goes! Are the polar pro filters the best option for the phantom at this point in time?
Bummed to hear that Inspire also flew away. That was a while back. Has the Inspire been reliable?

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