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What can go wrong?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by voodoo, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. voodoo

    Jul 31, 2014
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    I'm feeling much for comfortable nowadays, now that I've flown about 30 times with my P2VP. I experienced my first successful fail-safe the other day, I think a lot of this was due to antenna positioning and having the quad directly above me. Either way, I am happy that worked out well. I worry often about radio interference, flyaways, hardware failures causing my quad to drop out of the sky, etc. I am trying to become more comfortable over time, and wondering what worries I really should have.

    I always fly with full battery and have a second person with me using the Vision + application to monitor satellites, communication, altitude, and battery. I always use home lock and only fly in GPS mode only. Do I need to be worried about things when I fly? Cheers
  2. MadMitch88

    Aug 19, 2014
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    Cleveland, OH
    Do you need to be worried about things when you fly? That is a total noob question, bro.

    Of course you need to be worried about things every time you fire up a Phantom. You need to stop acting like a nervous Willy because you're afraid your $1,200 toy is going to crash or fly away. We all joined this hobby with a "pay to play" mindset --- and that mindset also means we fully understand we may experience a total loss. We are grown men who accept that kind of worst case result, and let's hope you aint using your mortgage or car payment money to buy a Phantom! If you can't accept it, then give up on this hobby and try Tiddly-Winks or stamp collecting instead. We are all big boys in here who have an expensive hobby and cheap-skates and tight-wads arent allowed. :mrgreen:

    Do your due diligence and read the Owner's Manual many times and fully understand how your Phantom works. After 30 flights, you should not be needing a 2nd person to constantly keep vigil on your telemetry data. Get a good grip on your sack and start acting like a REAL pilot and go solo on your flights. I've flown solo over 100 flights with my Vision+ and many of them are out over a mile away (using 2 booster amps and FPVLR antennas out the wazoo) and I have yet to experience a crash or flyaway. I credit that to good preparation, thorough knowledge of my bird and the surroundings, and some good old-fashioned guts! :p
  3. Meta4

    Meta4 Moderator
    Staff Member

    Jan 8, 2014
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    That's one way to put it .....

    Flying is like driving.
    Lots of things could go wrong - but with practice and an understanding of what could go wrong and developing strategies to manage these, you become gain experience and confidence.
    Some of the hazards that concern you are quite unlikely. Radio interference would be up there with aliens stole my Phantom.
    Others are exaggerated fears that should reduce with understanding of how the Phantom works, what it can do and how to pilot it properly.
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