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Was lost, but now I'm found! Thanks Trackimo!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by manofword, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. manofword

    Sep 18, 2014
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    I completely lost a Phantom 2 w/Ground Station, GoPro Hero 4, iOSD mini etc. in December. Lost sight of it briefly against a grey sky, and hit RTH. Never heard the familiar sound I was waiting for and never saw it again! Vowed to never fly w/o some type of tracking device. Searched and read and decided on Trackimo. Got it at a Radio Shack $49 and paid $49 for annual subscription. Attached it by velcro to my NEW Phantom 2 with a NEW GoPro Hero 4 etc. Have flown a number of times w/o incident and the tracking is excellent! Was on a routine flight when the Phantom started to drift a little off course on the way back. (different location than before) Then it started to dive and speed up. I freaked as it was headed for a road and then residential area. I gained altitude and then it turned around backwards, took off at high speed, flew weird and then crashed out of sight. Obviously, I feared the worst........landing on someone's roof and the police being called. Since I am a police chaplain, that would not have been good! Fired up the Trackimo app, hopped in the Jeep and went right to it! Gimbal was off, battery was out and the Trackimo flew off upon impact. It hit the ground in some marshy grass and was upside down partially in water. Missed the road & the houses! Only things lost were: Trackimo, (it's in the water somewhere-it's not water-proof) compass, video transmitter, gimbal plate. Ecstatic that was all I lost. Instantly purchased another Trackimo and now I can get back in the air. Contacted Trackimo support and they deleted my old unit, credited me the remaining subscription and hooked me up with a discount! Called DJI and they have authorized a repair. (it vibrates in flight) Not sure how that is going to go. Hoping for the best. Was really hoping they would just give me a discount so I could purchase the P3. Hopefully, I'll have a refurb P2 I can sell and get the P3. At any rate, can't say enough about the Trackimo! It saved me $$$$$$
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  2. rebelyellNC

    Dec 22, 2014
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    White Oak, NC USA
    Hey manofword, glad you found the bird! I had a similar incident on March 12 with my P1.1.1 fully loaded with FPV gear and mods, except it wasn't out of control. In my case it was pure stupidity of flying with a different battery (2200mAh instead of 4000mAh) and expecting the same old flight time. I got caught up in the FPV excitement and saw on the telemetry that she was out of juice and on the way down when the video snowed out. I'm glad to hear the Trackimo works as expected. My wife "advised" me I couldn't fly again with my new replacement bird until I had some type of tracker. That's just good sense, something I didn't employ on my last flight.

    So congrats on your recovery and on the choice of trackers. I'm looking forward to having the same result, should the need arise.

    Fly safe...
  3. Hawkeye 1

    Mar 1, 2014
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    Fairdale, Kentucky
    I've been using the Trackimo for about six months and I'm totally pleased with it. It's the third tracker I've tried and it is by far the best !

    Jan 12, 2015
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    Providence, Rhode Isand
    You have the worst luck with the Phantom it sounds. So technically you lost two quads, but retrieved one of them. Never heard of that before......You sure you're calibrated it correctly?
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