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Vision flying unstable

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by wat17, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. wat17

    Dec 17, 2013
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    Recently my phantom will not hover or hold altitude. It always wants to climb. I have recalibrated the compass but that did not work and always fly with enough satellites.

    The only software update I have made recently is with the Vision App on my iPod.

    I can see on the app that the altitude is changing (decreasing) while the Vision is sitting still with engines off. I am guessing this is why is it continually climbing as for some reason it thinks it is descending.

    Any ideas?
  2. J Dot

    Apr 10, 2014
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    Sarasota, FL. USA!
    Sounds like you need an IMU recalibration!
    The IMU ( internal measurement unit )

    You'll need to hook to pc( computer running assistant software )

    First start assistant on PC ( if you don't have it, download it at DJI.com. )
    Turn on phantom ( as if you were going to fly ( everything on NO PROPS ))
    Plug phantom to computer using supplied mini USB cable
    ( if PC does not recognize phantom download latest DRIVER, from DJI.com
    Ok once hooked up the little red light at bottom left ( assistant screen on PC ) should be ON,
    Little blue light should be BLINKING!
    Ok we are hooked up
    We need to go to page 4 ( TOOLS TAB AT TOP )
    Follow below instructions
    4th page TOOLS ( this is where you recalibrate IMU and reset BTU info. )
    ( IMU= Internal Measurement Unit )
    ( BTU= Bluetooth Unit )
    Here is where it gets confusing
    Here are the guidelines: ( DJI GUIDELINES )
    " Normally, there is no need for recalibrating the IMU by the user ( You ), if the led blinks QUICKLY, of motion detection while stationary on the ground ( please try basic, or advanced calibration ( depending on the sensor Mod values ) this means while your phantom is hooked to PC, MAKE SURE IT IS LEVEL ( side to side ) and stationary ( do not move, at all ) if you see movement detected while phantom is still, you must recalibrate IMU. ) and depending on values, weather basic or advanced is needed ) EXPLAINED BELOW:
    GYROSCOPE: ( normal ( 0.0-1.5 )), if it is ( 1.6-3.0, basic cal needed ) if it is ABOVE ( 3.0, advanced cal is needed. ) this is under MOD VALUES. YOU WILL SEE ( x, y, z, and Mod ) mod is what we are looking for. ( if your gyroscope is within normal parameters ( or 0.0-1.5 ), no cal is needed.
    ACCELERATION: ( normal ( 0.98-1.02 )) if ( 0.97-0.98 or 1.02-1.03 basic cal needed ), if below ( 0.97 ) or above ( 1.03 ) advanced cal is needed. Again if your accelerometer parameters, are normal range, no calibration needed.
    COMPASS: this is where you are located in magnetic earth ( -500-+500 ) if the MOD value here ( is lower than 750, or greater than 2250 ) you need compass recalibration.
    ( I reset BTU INFO, rebooted phantom, and did advance calibration on IMU )
    Again my personal opinion, and what i did personally with my P2V ( phantom 2 Vision )
    ( it will tell you IMU TOO HOT, BUT CONTINUE ANYWAY ) no matter what i do, it always says this, even when i turn on, and try to set right away.? But had no problems doing it this way.

    IF your gyroscope MOD value is more OR less than ( 0.0-1.5 ) you need calibration
    If you accelerometer MOD value is greater OR less than ( 0.98-1.02 ) you need calibration
    If your compass MOD value is more than OR lower than ( 750-2250 ) you need calibration

    NOTE: keep phantom perfectly level during this process, side to side, front to back !
    After done, recalibrate controller using assistant, then recalibrate compass BEFORE first flight!

    Hope this helps!

    PS: you might want to try deleting and reinstalling your app? Maybe firmware conflict?
    Jerry D
    ( J Dot. )
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  3. wat17

    Dec 17, 2013
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    Sorry for the delay but thanks. That seemed to work.
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