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Video - WIFI - Problem after Crashmoding

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by rymannphilippe, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. rymannphilippe

    Apr 12, 2015
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    I read now a lot of discuss about wifi or video problems but nothing helped.
    I think mine is a bit special ;-)

    First i tell you about my drone:

    1) Its a crash-waterlanded drone from ebay (but as i can see from NOTHING is coroded, no water inside)
    2) Gimbal totaly destroyed and in small parts
    3) I reatached the cameraboard and the camera without gimbal motors
    4) I did open the WIFI and add new thermal paste
    5) Battery works well, in my other P2V+ too
    6) I mounted the fixed camera on a fixed holder on the drone legs
    -->> so far so good. All works, i can take photos / videos, just no gimbalstabilisation

    7) i fixed as good i can the gimbal with the motors
    8) reattached all parts and BUMMMMMMM, i mount the flexcable the wrong side in the gimbal motors and melted the cabel
    9) reattached just the gimbalboard and camera with the melted flexcable without motors and crossed both fingers....
    10) works again, puhhhhhh
    11) just from time to time in the beginning startup problems and no video signal.
    -->>>>this now is half a year ago
    12) since half a year now no more startup problems
    13) i used the drone just for fun flying, so far so good


    14) i buy a 3D gimbal from ebay (storm32) and mounted it on the drone
    15) everything worked fine, drone CHECK, camera CHECK, gimbal CHECK
    16) because i have no more space under the drone (the new gimbal have his own gimbal board) i melted the drone case for more space and placed the old gimbal board inside
    17) now the video / GPS / WIFI not works anymore.......

    I have new flexcable too, so i think this isn't the problem.
    I have rebind the camera with the range extender, so i think it isn't a connection problem.

    My question is, on the original camera-gimbalboard it have TWO LED.
    Before the Problems started, both goes green, now just one becomes green.
    What is the second led (on my working drone this goes green too (it have no led windows))???

    WIFI conection i can make, the app shows the WIFI but no SD Card access, and in the flight window no GPS, no video and no battery.
    Something is special: the battery status from the WIFI Extender goes rapidly down, sometimes it shows only 5%.

    But i think it's more a drone problem, because my working drone shows two green led without rangeextender.

    Does somebody think it's a cable problem because i routed all new and it piksup some bad signals?

    YOU ARE NOT BELIVING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NOW IT WORKS AGAIN FOR THE PHOTOS TO THIS POST!!!!!! I presed like a gorilla on the big flexcable connector on the startup and now both green led blinks and camera and wifi works.
    And now it starts normal without pressing on the connector like a gorilla :)

    -->>> but range extender jumped right from 50% now to 5 % ???? Rangeextender power LED = green

    i hope somebody can help ;-) not for my problem just for ideas about the two LED on the gimbal board and all other stuff you think can help me in anyway.

    THANKS to all.
    IMG_2723.JPG IMG_2724.JPG IMG_2726.JPG
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