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  1. cdusher

    Jul 19, 2013
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    Crossville, Tennessee, USA
    Wondering if anyone is currently having problems with the p3 pro losing it's video feed connection.
    I don't see any recent posts.
    I have the p3 pro and a p4. I have a location I've flown at for some time.
    Recently (even prior to the latest firmware upgrade) the feed would connect, screen go green and black and eventually just lose connection altogether.
    Maintain control, just no video feed.
    The p4 does not appear to suffer the same illness.
    Flew there yesterday had the problem.
    Came home rebound the rc. Flew through a battery at home with a problem.
    Went back to the other area today to see if thing were better. They were not.
    Just wondering if anyone else is struggling with this issue or did and resolved it.
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