Phantom 3 adv + DJI Goggles HD (white) video feed issue

Dec 5, 2023
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Hi everyone

I THINK this should work but not clear if it is firmware issue or "programmed obsolescense"... only telemetry data works because video feed keeps freezing/b&w/disconnecting and briefly reconnecting in a loop. is there a firmware fix I should go for? now I have firmware in AC=1.11.20 and remote is 1.9.2 and white goggles is V01.04.0000

thanks very much in advance

Note that im using usb cable not interested in hdmi solution because another user said it works with usb:

So, Today I am telling everyone on here, that if you want to use the DJI goggles on your Phantom 3 Pro drone, you do not need the HDMI port installed on your controller. Simply make sure your goggles, drone and controller have the latest firmware updates. Makes me wonder how long everyone has been so wrong for.


Tonight i discovered that the Phantom 3 pro does in fact work with the DJI goggles by the use of a USB cable from the controller to the DJI goggles. Not sure if it has always been so or from a recent firmware update. None the less, I flew my P3P today with full display inside the goggles. No phone or tablet was needed. Really ticks me off that somaby people just pass on what they hear. Dont need to buy that $100 HDMI module. Just plug in the USB cable and fire it up. It does work. Even though the software is the DJI Go4. The headset doest choose it from a list. It just recieves the data it is given. Hight, speed, distance, battery, and even the horizontal angle in the middle works.
Good advice. It took me forever looking for an original HDMI cable since I purchased mine from a Pawn Shop. Got great advice from the forum that I could just use the USB cable with my P4P. Works great!
Nice to help!!, but please Anyone with white goggles and phantom 3 pro/adv can check if it works too? telemetry is ok but video feed keeps freezing/b&w/disconnecting
it seems that it is working now after connecting another drone (dji spark), ....this in annoying but magically after was playing with the spark and the goggles connected via its remote control , now works fine with the phantom 3 adv. nobody cares about this issue i understand, but i left it here for reference or for

it seems to work uninterrumped video feed only if the sd card in Aircraft is not presebt..(!!!)..icon slash !!! that is the final conclusion for this issue with white dji goggles and phantom 3 adv/pro... last firmware for everything and just data cable like spark and phantom 4! (not hdmi)
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