Very quiet beeping when plugged in

Apr 7, 2023
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I’m brand new to these drones so please excuse my ignorance. However, the drone works flawlessly, but when I plug in the controller, it acts as if it’s charging (blinking white lights) but roughly 15-30 seconds later the white lights so blinking and the controller has a VERY quiet and slow beeping noise. (About 1 beep per second) no lights are flashing when this starts, controller still will turn on just fine. This is both when I have a battery charging as well as not so I’ve tried to rule that out. Is this normal? Any idea on how to fix this if this is an issue?
Thank you!
If you have the controller turned on when charging it will beep to let you know its not connected to the aircraft, turn it off. If beeping while connected it usually means you need to calibrate the remote. Easily done following directions in the app.
More information will help.
History on what you have and where it came from?
I purchased the DJI Phantom 4 standard from someone on Facebook. I’ve flown it once and it flew flawlessly. My issue is when I plug the controller into charge. It’ll act as if it’s charging completely fine and then stops and a very quiet beep starts. And is very consistent. I bought a new charger on Amazon and it does the same thing.
May be a board or battery issue in the controller.
You’re dealing with DJI chargers?
I may have some controller parts if it comes to that.
Model number on the back of your controller?

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