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Using a P2V+ as a Pro, questions....

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by locini, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. locini

    Jul 3, 2014
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    Ok Im in a serious flap about what to do...

    I bought a P2V+ a while back with the intention of going into business with it, my idea was to corner some of the cheaper end of the market over here in the UK (IE not using a 15K+ drone to do the job that a 1-2k drone could easily accomplish hence cheaper operating cost to me, and therefore the price i could charge the customer compared to the bigger boys would be cheaper - you get the concept im trying to achieve...Hopefully :D )

    Anyway was doing my CAA permission to fly course and now im doubting if my P2V+ is really going to cut it... I still hold on to my original idea of attempting to keep it cheap and affordable to both myself and the client, however im still thinking i may have to upgrade. Most of the guys on my course were wielding S900 or S1000 but like i say I don't really want to lay out that overhead and i want to try and aim at a different market if i can...

    I love the way the P2V+ can snap away stills in the air however its the video quality that's getting me down...

    Ive been looking at the option's that dronexpert has and i like the idea of being able to get the new go pro 4 mounted on a zenmuse gimbal using his quick release system, and still being able to switch out and use the v+ camera in a point and shoot picture scenario whilst in the air.
    I mean the new go pro wins hands down on video with the 4k30 and 1080p120 video
    Yet the 12 mp on the go pro is less than the 14mp V+ camera and doesn't have the same ease of use while in the air.

    (Correct me if im wrong on any of that)

    My question is this:
    If you were me would you go down the above mentioned route of the quick release or just sell up the P2V+ and trade it for a P2 with zenmuse and go pro, keeping in mind I want to try and keep set up cost low?

    The reason im getting into a flap about it is, i need to get this sorted and make the call prior to my flight test, as whatever platform i decide to fly on the day will be what im certified for for 1 year and i wont be able to fly any other setup under my licence. (Unless i pay again and travel 400 miles to get re-tested - which for obvious reasons i want to try and avoid)

    Important things to me are follows:
    Cost (I want to keep my cost below 2k GBP if possible)
    Pictures (I want to be able to see what im taking a picture off and be able to do it from the air)
    Video - Higher quality the better

    Any input at all would be greatly appreciated.
  2. aristosv

    May 19, 2014
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    I have the same issue as you, but since I've already owned the P2 with Zenmuse and GoPro, I can tell you that If you get a P2 with Zenmuse & GoPro, you won't be able to control the GoPro from the ground. You'd have to start the recording before lifting off, or with the GoPro remote's limited distace. It wil be nothing like the the P2V+ ability to take a picture or start recording video from a kilometer away.

    I am seriously considering the dronexpert.nl quickrelease.

    But that would mean an additional cost for the quickrelease, Vision+ and Zenmuse adapters, the Zenmuse gimbal itself, and the GoPro. I've calculated to to a cost of more than €1000. Which makes you think...should I sell everything and go for an Inspire 1?

    Or you can just do the best you can with what you have. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeHBlu ... PbA/videos
    Some photographers I've worked with, can work with the video from the P2V+. So they get their video, I get paid, and we're all happy :)
  3. noiseboy72

    Jul 13, 2014
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    Lincs, UK
    I don't really see the issue with stopping and starting the GoPro.

    With a maximum flying time of around 12-16 minutes, that's only about 5gb of video @ 1080p and less than 8gb at 4K. A pocketful of 8gb cards to match your number of batteries is all you need and talking as an editor, I would be quite happy to have full flying time as single clips, as it gives me more flexibility on usage.

    The issues you will probably have is more around 5.8GHz as a control frequency, as AFAIK, the CAA will not approve this for flying in restricted airspace - over towns and cities etc. This is also where you will need better than a quad, as your safety case will fall down due to there being no way of recovering if you lose a motor or prop. So long as you don't need this exemption, carry on along this path.

    For serious commercial work - selling the footage to others for broadcast and high end corporate, you WILL need a bigger bird and higher quality camera. It's a lot less to do with the pixel count and more to do with the quality of the optics. Both the Go-Pro and Vision+ are too wide and the view too distorted compared to say a Panasonic GH4, which also allows for a longer lens to be fitted. Of course, the longer the lens, the better the stability required, and hence, a bigger multirotor.

    That being said, for short clips to cut into a wedding video, action film - moto-cross etc. or low end corporate, the Go-Pro will be fine. I know of a person using a Vision to capture live video of hovercraft racing and it looks excellent.

    No doubt, once you start earning, spending £10K on a better rig will be less of an issue and you can then start to compete with the big boys!
  4. H-Films

    Aug 16, 2014
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    Hey, Check out this thread: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthre ... 815&page=4

    it seems that it is possible to get the video from your gopro and send it to you vision plus app without using the crapy and extremely weak vision plus camera/gimbal. It would save you some money since you don't have to get a new FPV system or add any new telemetry device. I seems just like buying the quickrelease from drone expert but waaaaaay cheaper.

    I haven't tried it yet but it looks good, I've already got the hero 4 black but I still need a new gimbal, and I'm doing some research to see if I really need the DJI zenmuse or if I can use a much cheaper option like the DSLR pros gimbal, the tarot, the DYS, etc...

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!
  5. Mako79

    May 16, 2014
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    Sydney Australia
    I'm in the same boat as the OP.
    I was not happy with the PV2+ video quality. Big let down if you are after 1080p. The Gopro 3+ Black edition just trumps on the vision +.

    I did the maths and decided to pay an extra $550 (aud) to get an updated PV2 with zenmuse h3-3d gimbal. This gives me backup unit and better video range since its analogue 5.8ghz.

    I think the DE hot swap is great but you essentially put all your eggs in one basket if something were to happen.

    Now, Excluding the Gopro..
    DE option is about 1k ($$aud) for zenmuse h3-3d, DE swap unit, 2 x interchangeable plates.

    I paid $935 delivered for an updated PV2 (ver 2) + Zenmuse H3-3d that just arrived today. This cheap considering its 700 for the phantom 2 and 400 for the gimbal alone.
    FPV gear will be about $550 and will get better distance.
    Black Pearl diversity 32 ch with built in receiver $280
    AVL58 transmitter $115
    DJI Antenna $60
    mini IOSD $75
    FPV hub $20 for plug and play solder free.

    The above option is a known and trialled option. It isn't the cheapest but its a cost comparison.

    And just to let you know, the basic INspire 1 in Australia is 4k+ after we get slapped with all the taxes you can think of.
  6. Prylar Bek

    Oct 25, 2014
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    Contrarian view here. Admitedly, I'm very new to this, but I'm not new to video (been a director/producer and DGA member for many years). I have shot extensively with the go pro's love them. I went with the PT2V+ for only one reason. Ease of use. i realize that the video/photo quality is less then the go pros, but given my 'newbienes' with choppers, I didn't want to deal with all the third party business of antennas, screens, hook ups, etc., When and if DJI comes out with a gamble for the go pro and assuming I can watch video on my iPhone, and they work out the bugs,I might condor upgrading. For now and for ME, the simplify of the RTF PT2V+ trumps the video/photo issues
  7. myvrodrocks

    Nov 23, 2013
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    My advice. Get some money coming in with what you already have before you purchase more. Use the income to expand. Only pay cash for upgrades with profit. That is defined as growth.
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