Using 1.3GHz radio for FPV on P2 instead of 5.8GHz???

Aug 11, 2014
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Hi all,

Has anyone used 1.3GHz band radio gear for FPV on their Phantom 2 rather than 5.8GHz band gear?

I've been flying with 5.8GHz TX/RX (the common ImmersionRC 600mw 5.8GHz TX / Black Pearl RX setup) for years, but I'm sick of the range limitations: even with a cloverleaf (i.e., circular polarized) antenna on the TX and a cloverleaf and a helical on the RX (diversity), I'm still only getting 500 meters or so of line-of-sight range before my FPV signal cuts out (unless I'm out over the ocean, where I've gotten out to a mile or so, again LOS).

I'm looking to improve that range, and also improve penetration (I know the FAA rules about LOS, and I do obey them; but even a tree here or there can cause issues with 5.8GHz).

The two issues I'm aware of with using 1.3GHz gear on a Phantom are:
- less-clear video signal (I'm perfectly okay with slightly less clear video if it means I get better range before total loss of signal!)
- harmonic (1.2GHz * 2 = 2.4GHz) interference with the 2.4GHz control freq of the Phantom (I understand that with a low pass filter between the TX and the antenna this can be minimized or eliminated)

I've also heard there can be interference issues with the GPS with a 1.3GHz TX, but others have said this isn't a problem.

I'm wondering if any of you fine folks here have tried 1.3GHz FPV on your Phantoms, and your thoughts, or any advice you might have!


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