UPDATE: P3 Crash - Critical Battery Error


May 12, 2015
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I wanted to provide an update of my experience with DJI support. Below, you will find the original thread where I describe what happened to my P3:

Another P3P down! Battery Error | DJI Phantom Quadcopter Forum

So after 8 weeks since DJI received my P3P, they came back and said that the gimbal on the P3 was damaged and that they had repaired it, test flown the P3 and that it was being shipped back. The email did not say why the P3 dropped from ~390 ft. They simply fixed the issue, sent it back and they DID NOT CHARGE ME for the repair. I have been trying to get a hold of them via phone to ask them why the failure, but I always get the same "too busy, call back later" message.

I am a concerned about them sending me back my P3 without telling me what happened. How do I know it won't happen again? I noticed that the P3 makes noise when you touch the plastic around the rear motors. I think it is because they did not tightened the body right when they put it back together. I will know for sure once I tightened it.

The P3 came back filthy with grease on it and so did the controller. They did not bother to clean it prior to sending it back (I sent it them to them super clean). I was able to use Clorox wipes to get it cleaned up again.

One last thing, I wrote them several times while they had it and they never responded to any of my messages (on Zendesk). So if you have gotten a response from them, consider yourself lucky. If not, then don't expect to hear anything from them.

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