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    Critical Error During Flight

    Attempted to use the follow me function on P3S. While attempting several different times in different locations follow me follows for a few feet then stops. All lights go solid red on PS3 (critical error) and does not continue follow me. I can maintain normal flight control by flipping switch...
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    Litchi Battery Colours - What do they mean exactly.

    Trying to find the following information using Litchi and the battery display. The battery display (not voltage or %) red along with green and then a number which changes depending on your distance to the home point. 1) Does the number represent the flight time before RTH is suggested or total...
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    UPDATE: P3 Crash - Critical Battery Error

    I wanted to provide an update of my experience with DJI support. Below, you will find the original thread where I describe what happened to my P3: Another P3P down! Battery Error | DJI Phantom Quadcopter Forum So after 8 weeks since DJI received my P3P, they came back and said that the gimbal...