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  1. westlightaerial

    Oct 19, 2013
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    I getting a bit tired of my phantom 4 falling about 8 -15 ft without me doing it on the controls. After I stop in a place , i have to constantly watch the Phantom because it could hit something while dropping. Another issue i just noticed yesterday was the phantom going up and sideways when I am only using the left to right control. if I use only the left , it goes left and up at the same time. COME ON DJI, LETS GET THIS CRAP FIXED!
  2. ChrisA

    Feb 4, 2016
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    I noticed mine moving in a diagonal direction (45 instead of 90 degrees if that makes sense) while moving the stick full left or right. it didn't affect the Litchi missions I ran but flying manually was an issue. I was thinking it was the newest firmware update because it was fine last week before the upgrade. Bit of a pain this was last weekend.
  3. Dacon Productions

    Jan 5, 2016
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    Gilbert, Arizona
    Yesterday a friend of mine with a 2 week old P4 was having the same drop problem....and I fix it for him, at least for now. He calibrated the IMU inside his house on the kitchen table...all good so far but here in AZ we already have over 100F temps and all our houses are sealed and AC cooled. Since the altitude is based on barometric pressure, the IMU should be calibrated outside on the ground (leveled) and under normal (morning) temps. Once the IMU was calibrated in the flying environment (people fly outside and not in the house) the drop problem went away.
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