Unable to fly in GPS mode

Jun 13, 2015
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So, I'll preface this by saying this is my first quadcopter (DJI Phantom 1.1.1) so my knowledge is still pretty limited. However, I am pretty tech savvy and have done a number of google searches to try to find someone with a similar issue with no luck. I've flown the Phantom 2x now. First flight everything worked perfect. Start up went well, got satellites, flew (under 30 ft and no further than 50 yards out), and landed with no issues. Great. Second flight, different story. Start up went well, got satellites, flew for about 5 minutes. Then I decided to put it through some paces. Started at about 30 ft high and started in one direction away from me. When I went to slow down/return, no response and the Phantom kept going. Started freaking out a little bit. Finally, as the Phantom grew pretty **** small on the horizon (and about 3 houses into the next neighborhood) the Phantom flared up (in response to my inputs, not GPS), slowed down, and began returning towards my position. Heart resumes beating. As I watched the Phantom get close, it once again became unresponsive to my inputs. I watched the Phantom go tearing by me until it finally responded to my inputs, this time around 50 yards away, and began to slow quickly. It seemed like the Phantom was only responding to period inputs. So, with a clear pavement parking lot below it, I began a quick decent to 3-4 ft before putting the throttle almost to 0. The Phantom came down from there a little hard, bounced up off of the landing gear and flipped over upside down. Now, I was pretty happy I didn't just fly $350 two miles towards who-knows-where. A couple of little scruffs were the extent of the visible damage.
The issue I'm running into is that now the Phantom powers on, but seems to be stuck in Atti mode and doesn't pick up satellites. The Phantom powers on (red, green, yellow sequence) and then begins to continuously flash yellow. It is not the quick yellow flash that you get from a transmitter signal lost error, but a slower, consistent yellow flash. I've run Naza and done a couple low test flights to ensure that the transmitter is working and it does. When I'm connected to Naza, I go to Basic->RC->Control Mode Switch and have the following options:

Atti-----Failsafe-----Atti----Failsafe-----Drop down box (Failsafe selected)

I'm unsure if that's causing the issue or a result of the issue and would like to get to where I can fly the Phantom in GPS mode since I am new to this and would like the safety of GPS to not lose the Phantom. Like I said before, it is flying correctly in Atti mode but that's a little above my ability/comfort level right now.

Thanks for any input!
Mar 17, 2014
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Two possible reasons are the GPS module cracked when you crashed or the S1 switch is broken.

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