Two versions of Phantom 2 Vision- Need buying advice

Apr 9, 2015
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Fumfie is selling two versions of Phantom 2 Vision.

The expensive - newest version is listed for $699 and has 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi and 5.8GHz wireless controller(TX) and includes a 4GB microSD Card. The cheaper - older version is listed for $679 and has 2.4 GHz wifi and 5.8GHz wireless controller(TX) and is missing the microSD card.

Has DJI updated Phantom 2 Vision in the past ? - Is that why there are two versions?
Would'nt there be interference in the newest version as 5.8 GHz is used by both the PFV downlink and controller?

What should I buy? Are there any advantages in the new version and drawbacks in the old version? Please advice. Thanks a lot in advance
If I'm not mistaken, the Newer Version is an upgraded radio transmitter TX with scroll wheel, new compass (protected) and internal lipo rechargeable battery, usb port. And i think new props, motor windings and ESC's.

Check out the differences in these two. Helps explain the ACTUAL difference.

Keep in mind these upgrades (except the motor ESC's) can all be done on some earlier models. I have the P2V with RP gimbal. I purchased the new TX and RE700 Range Extender to bring it up to a near comparable model. (except 3rd axis gimbal)

P2V/P2V+/P2V+ V3 (upgraded specs) vs P3?... I'd have to go for newest release, if money isn't an issue.
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I don't know anything about Fumfie, but I would recommend that whatever you buy, you buy it from an outfit that services what they sell.
Hum thats weird about them saying one of them works on 5.8Ghz wifi and 5.8ghz radio control. They either just had a typo or they dont know what there talking about... Because all of the phantom visions work on a 5.8ghz remote control and use 2.4ghz wifi for the video..

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