Transferring video from PV+ to iPad air

Oct 8, 2014
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Flew today with my new iPad Air. When I was done I tried to transfer video straight from phantom to iPad with wifi. It said user permission denied. It would start to transfer then about half way thru it would error out. Used SD card and all transferred fine with card reader. Any ideas?
Did you know that DJI has pruned themselves to be more like Google in that they now want to know everything you are doing with their product. It is almost like if you don't have internet access on certain things you do now with your quad, you wont be able to do anything.

I'm not saying this is what you are experiencing, but sadly there is some truth in what I mentioned.
Frank, there is no conspiracy issue taking place....

The question Foreseter asks is resolved in the iPad setting where he has to allow the DJI Vision app to access then photo file on the iPad under settings>privacy>photo which will allow the DJI Vision app to be used by "Photo" for file management rights.
Thanks for the info. Checked the settings a there it was not turned on. Thanks again.

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