Tough new test for UAV pilots in France

Aug 1, 2016
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A new test is coming soon to UAV pilots in France. Here is the translation........

Recreational drones: mandatory training for remote drivers of devices over 800 grams

Pursuant to the law of 24 October 2016 on strengthening the safety of the use of civilian drones, the Ministry of Transport sets up a mandatory online training from 14 years old for recreational telepilots of aircraft. 800 grams and more.

Available through a dedicated website and mobile application, this free training will be available in early September 2018. It will develop a responsible practice through an educational approach to improve the conditions of use in safety and knowledge of essential rules. In addition, this tool will make the remote pilots aware of the necessary respect for the privacy of third parties on the ground.

The certificate of training follow-up will be downloadable after the successful completion of the online test. This test, whose number of attempts will not be limited, consists of about twenty questions. The leisure telepilots will have two months from the commissioning of the platform to train. In addition, a training provided by the French model aircraft federation will be considered equivalent.

By offering recreational telepilots an innovative and digital tool that will help consolidate this promising sector, France is once again demonstrating its dynamism in terms of civil drones and the modernization of public action.

This 'test' looks like it's just making sure that operators register, read and know the rules for safe use. We are quiet relaxed about it here.

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