This has to be for some serious LD pilots - anyone have or seen one?

Jan 13, 2016
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I did a search here but found nothing on this unit..........

Has anyone seen, purchase or used one of these new Titan "Command Cases". Quite the "ground station". Despite having an impressive look to it - I just don't see the "gotta have" one of these tagged to this unit. I suppose for some long distance flyers this might be "just what you have been looking for". Have to be a "pretty serious" drone hobbyist to fork out $600.00 however!

Apparently suited to the P3-Ad Pro, P4, Inspire 1, Matrice and even the new Mavic (they recommend they do the mod for the Mavic controller) - other controller mods are done by the purchaser with "no drilling"!

Dec 10, 2016
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Yes I have this ground station. Its pretty cool I was able to disconnect the antennas they have in the station and attach some of my own 19dbi panel antennas, there are boosters inside the case 3 watt I believe. Its cool I attached my antennas to the tripod it came with, I get very good distance I flew out 4miles yesterday at 200ft. The guy that owns this company is really a nice guy. Some of the best customer service around. I bug the hell out of the guy I have the poor guys cell phone # and I text him all the time on subjects not even related to his ground station. He is very helpful. Id recommend this before upgrading controller with the other antenna fpvlr mods out there. Granted you still have to upgrade your controller to use this but this works better then other fpvlr controller upgrades. I compared it to drone worlds firehawk controller which I have also and this works better. I haven't tested this though with the antennas it comes with I immediately added 2 19dbi panels which only cost me like $80.


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