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  2. R

    Matrice 100 For sale

    For anyone that's interested I'm selling my Matrice 100 and extras. It's currently on ebay here DJI Matrice 100 Quadcopter Drone - Excellent condition with industrial hard case | eBay Here are the details: I've mainly been using it for commercial work such as surveying quarries (e.g. stockpile...
  3. C

    DJI Developer Account

    If anyone wants I have an extra DJI Developer account that has 3 - 40% off codes on the account that can each be used 2ce to purchase the Matrice 100 drone and any of it accessories + some other things.
  4. IBV

    P4 vs P4P vs P4P+ vs P4a

    Dji published a new version of P4, the P4 advanced. No P5... It seems more of a tuning release rather than a new innovative consumer drone. Maybe it's a smart marketing move cause with the release of a P5 the whole P4 series would be declared as outdated if not obsolete.. A pity as there would...
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  6. eaglegoaltender

    This has to be for some serious LD pilots - anyone have or seen one?

    I did a search here but found nothing on this unit.......... Has anyone seen, purchase or used one of these new Titan "Command Cases". Quite the "ground station". Despite having an impressive look to it - I just don't see the "gotta have" one of these tagged to this unit. I suppose for some...
  7. B

    Flir in Conservation

    I am a long time photographer now running conservation projects in remote Sumatra and can see the amazing benefits a flir camera would help our initiatives to protect the last remaining elephants. Our projects centre around searching for wild elephant herds and people poaching wildlife and...
  8. K

    Ultimate Flight now includes per-waypoint speed setting

    The most asked for change is the ability to control the speeds between waypoints and this version now includes the capability. Refer to the documentation for specifics and details for use of newly added features. Docs: Other changes included in the...
  9. UgCS

    Announcing Support for DJI Phantom 4 and Matrice 100 in UgCS

    In 2015 DJI announced the DJI Matrice 100 – their version of a drone for developers and hardware enthusiasts. In early 2016 they released the new Phantom – DJI Phantom 4. Both of these drones feature intelligent maneuvering systems capable of seeing obstacles and are also capable of being...