1. D D S

    DJI Propeller Guards for Mavic Air, Only in $19 with Free Shipping

    DJI Propeller Guards for Mavic Air, Only in $19 with Free Shipping Description: The Propeller Guards for Mavic Air from DJI are designed to provide a solid barrier around each of the spinning...
  2. D D S

    ULTIMAXX Mavic 2 Dual Car Charger with USB Port Only in $7.99 with Free Shipping

    ULTIMAXX Mavic 2 Dual Car Charger with USB Port Only in $7.99 with Free Shipping DDS [email protected] 908 378 9192
  3. D D S

    Ultimaxx Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Charging Hub Only $9.99

    Ultimaxx Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom Charging Hub Only $9.99 DDS [email protected]
  4. D D S

    Ultimaxx 8pc Filter Kit for Mavic 2 Pro

    Ultimaxx 8pc Filter Kit for Mavic 2 Pro Only in $28 with free shipping DDS 908 378 9192 [email protected]
  5. Vietnam 4K 2019 - DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone, Osmo+, Xiaomi Yi 4K+

    Vietnam 4K 2019 - DJI Mavic Pro Platinum drone, Osmo+, Xiaomi Yi 4K+

    2019 - South Vietnam. During our 25 day journey in the south of Vietnam we visited very beautiful places. In the video you can see shots from Con Dao island,...
  6. K

    Trading/Selling my phantom 4 pro - $900 OBO

    Hey I would like to trade or sell my phantom 4 pro for $900 OBO. It will come with an extra battery and a carrying case (Lykus backpack). I'm also looking for a mavic pro with the dji goggles OR just the mavic 2 zoom. I've probably flown my p4p ~10 times, it's in great condition and will come...
  7. Green Phantom


    Soon to be purchasing the Mavic 2 Pro so most of my Content will be the Mavic 2 very soon. I wanted to say Thank You for letting me share my content on here and for those who i have found/met on here. Thanks for all the comments, likes, constructive criticism, information and knowledge gained...
  8. S

    Litchi Route Confirmed with VLM but Camera Angles Are All Wrong

    Using Litchi to program a route for my Mavic Pro and cannot figure out why the camera angles are incorrect. The gimble pitch is not low enough so when the drone flies near the target, the camera doesn't aim down far enough to see the target. The drone is flying to the correct waypoints and...
  9. gringorio

    Airlines, checking a Phantom, Carry-on a Mavic?

    Hey everyone, I'm headed to Mexico next week and need to take both my Phantom 4 pro and Mavic 2 Pro. I figured I'd check the Phantom in its hard case (no batteries) and carry-on the Mavic. Has anyone flown to Mexico with two drones? If so, did you have any issues? Thanks!
  10. W

    *****LIKE NEW**** Selling Inspire 1 V2 with camera and everything in box or Trade for Mavic 2 Pro

    Hey, I'm looking to sell my inspire 1 v2 drone. I am looking for a smaller drone. It has everything that comes in the box. It has been flown less than 20 times. I am interested in a smaller drone. Like a Mavic 2 Pro or Phantom 4 Pro. I am asking for about $1500 if you are not looking to trade. I...
  11. T

    P4P - Are we going to see another update?

    Just wanna hear all your thoughts to be honest. its pretty obvious that DJI have forgotten about the phantom series of drones, even though id say there still one of the best drones they produce, maybe not as portable as the mavics but I still love mine. I just want them to give them a little...
  12. tml4191

    Crash testing the DJI Mavic 2!

    DJI Mavic 2 crash test!
  13. O

    World in 4K | Harvest Park, Mapleton Utah

  14. O

    Cinematic Drone Footage - Enoch, Utah | Towns in 4K

  15. B

    New to drones - Researching where to purchase DJI Mavic Air - DJI or dealer?

    I am a wedding videographer and have realized I need a drone to stay current and capture the outdoor wedding venues I film at. I am looking at getting the DJI Mavic Air for $799. I have two questions - 1) Should I purchase from DJI's website or from an authorized dealer online? I have heard...
  16. A


  17. Pixies Channel.

    Beautiful English country side.

    Hi all, This is the beautiful English countryside filmed with my Phantom 3 Standard. I did a little bit of editing to brighten up the greenery. I hope you enjoyed the video . Thanks for watching.
  18. G

    Drone Harmony v0.8 released

    Dear Phantom-Pilots, we are happy to announce another update to the Drone Harmony - Professional Mission planner for DJI drones (Android only). Here is an overview on the new features (illustrated release notes at 1. New launch dialog with dynamic...
  19. O

    Texas trip

    Hello everyone, I will be making a drive from the DFW area to Brownsville/South Padre area for Spring Break. Any recommendations on any good spots to make a quick stop at? In addition, I can't seem to find a straight answer on whether it is OK or not to fly at Padre. Has anyone flown there...
  20. thatsanicepicture

    Is the Phantom dead?

    I have a P4P+ and love it. But maybe the "Phantom" form factor is done, cooked, old fashion and otherwise yesterday's news. It's body style function was to "Fit it all in" ... Has technology made that requirement as out of place as film cameras. Yes I know people still use film cameras. We...