Tacoma Wa area flyers??

I live in Tacoma too. I have, or had a DJI Mini 3. I got it stuck in the park across from my apartment yesterday. I have lots of footage and am just starting to use an editor on my laptop. But, my drone just got stuck honestly because I was being careless. It's actually a beautiful wide open park good for flying. Theirs a few trees but you would have to be an idiot to lose it. I was flying from inside my apartment across the street going to the bathroom not paying attention. Just maybe if we could meet at the park or my place and walk there. If anything if you could launch your drone for a few mins so I know exactly where it is. It's there but GPS doesn't show accurate. You won't wreck your drone I promise!
Then after I get mine back we can go out to a few great spots I know of to fly from

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