Strange Behaviour in cold weather - Could this cause a crash

Jan 21, 2016
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Apologies if this has already been posted I have searched and spent hours reading all sorts of posts.

Had several hours of flight before this happened, all successful and taken the opportunity to try ATTI mode in the event of error along with hand catch landings, ground landings and auto landings. I have not tried to land in ATTI mode just yet unless I really have to mostly GPS.

Today I took it to the park and did the following
Checked IMU values - seemed normal
Checked compass range - seemed normal
Did not recalibrate as have flown from this position before.
Checked battery voltage and home position
GPS home point set said ready to fly 17 satellites full GPS coverage
Temperature was between 3-6 degrees outside

Did an auto take off as I normally do and I just check to see if it stays stable before going any further and of the dozens of flights like this and normally everything is fine I check it hovers before going any further etc.

Issue 1
After auto take off, it immediately said battery was too low temp (14 degrees) and I should land immediately land, I have not noticed this message before until today and I have flown in similar conditions. What I noticed was it did not hover in GPS mode, it allowed the wind to take the craft and started drifting backwards (same direction as wind). I immediately told it to auto land and started pushing it forwards to keep it as close to the home point as possible. The drone then landed perfectly fine within about 4 seconds. Ive ran the logs through Heliguy and checked it says the mode = GPS, full signal no indication of signal loss yet I can confirm it drifted at least 2 meters backwards more than usual which prompted me to land. No indication of ATTI on the screen or in logs or any GPS/Signal loss.
What caused this? - Was it the cold battery? Could it be another malfunction or something I have not checked, perhaps 2-3 metres is within tolerance of drifting and nothing to worry about?

Issue 2 - Same time/day
After letting the battery warm up. Restarted the tablet (I have nvidia shield) and app checked all settings including RTH which was set at 80M from the last flight so I did not change this. I took off did few laps around the park, no issues, full GPS from take off completely stable. I decided to test the RTH so flew past 30m at a height of about 20m. What I expected to happen was for this to rise to 80m then return home. Instead it rose to 30m then returned home. I cancelled the RTH and did a catch landing.
What is the cause of this? I have been reading that the APP does not always display the RTH of the quad and should be set every time or after a power cycle? I have also read it should make no difference. My feeling was 30M is the default value and some how it reset to this value - unsure why I have done no FW updates other than turn the quad on/off and perhaps used a different battery (all batteries I have have the same FW). Is it good practice to set the value each time?

Still have lots to learn had this quad less than 1 month so not an expert by any means. I have also just bought a windsurfer mod (parabolic refractor I believe?) to help with the signal/range but only just started using it today.

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