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Apr 30, 2015
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So right off the bat, I only had a range of about 800 feet with my new Phantom Vision 2+ V3.0 on the wifi side. I've never had any issues with controller signal though. After adding the ITElite antenna mod, I more than doubled the distance on the wifi side to around 2,000 feet. I swapped out the Wifi extender. No change. I figured the only things left were the wifi module and antenna panels on the bird. So I swapped out the module with a new one and added the wifi dipoles that FPVLR came out with recently, which replaces the bird-side panel antennas. No change! WTH!! What am I missing here? What's left? I'm running a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the Litchi app. Preview quality is set at 640x480 at 15 fps. I haven't ran it with 320x240 at 15fps but with what I've seen elsewhere, other guys are running what I'm running and getting 5,000+ feet range. I'm flying in a clear field at 350 feet with perfect LOS all the way out.
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Also, when I'm recording, does the video recording quality have any affect on the ability for the wifi to stay connected?
Have you double checked all your connections . Making sure they are tightened down with a wrench. Also sometimes just cleaning all the connectors can double your range.
And recording is separate from your fpv signal. One dies not effect the other .
Thanks. Yep. All coax connections have been tightened down with a wrench. Most connectors have been discomnected, then reconnected. Haven't really cleaned them real well though.
The only thing left to check is the connections in the wifi for extender at the board. Make sure those connections are clean and are snapped on. Verify that there are no loose wires from the old antenna's touching anything on the board. You can also download a wifi signal test app and verify you are sending out a good signal from the extender to let you know all connections. Are good and working.

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