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So confused. Upgraded board, gimbal, FPV and lots of yellow.

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Help' started by MMShaggy, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. MMShaggy

    Mar 2, 2014
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    So I have a Phantom 1.
    I just upgraded the main board.
    Added the Zenmuse gimbal.
    Added FatShark Wireless Attitude FPV.
    This drone has the dual antennas.

    When I power up the DJI Phantom I get lot's of yellow lights fast. That means the Transmitter has been lost.

    I have gone through and paired the controller by opening the battery compartment in the drone, holding down button on TX till it flashes red, then I hold the left stick down while powering on the controller. When I turn controller off, red light comes on in battery compartment, when I turn controller on the red light goes out. This obviously would mean they are communicating. Yet when I plug into the NAZA M V2 software with the usb to the drone it does not show the controller moving and it does not do anything with the drone either.

    I have also done the routine with reloading the default config file.
    I've also tried upgrading the 4.02 software a few times.
    Calibrated compass through software.

    Naza Software Version: 2.20
    Main Controller: 4.02 (Latest version 4.02)
    P330CB-H3-2D: (LAtest version
    Gimbal CMU: 1.0 (Latest version 1.0)
    Gimbal IMU: 1.8 (latest version 1.4)

    Umm what's going on here? It say's I have Gimbal IMU 1.8 yet the latest version is 1.4? Did my PC travel into the future and grab a new future release firmware lol....

    The software says "GPS not calibrated, or magnetic field interference. Please calibrate GPS again in good condition."

    Is this because it is not connected to the controller so I can't go into calibration mode by flipping the GPs to ATT1 switch a few times and then rotating the drone?

    If I press "Check IMU Status" it says "No need calibration procedures can be skipped"

    I can click "Basic Cali" and it will go through and complete successfully.

    Mod is around 455

    If I plug controller into PC with mini usb the controller calibrates in the RC System Assistant software fine and everything is moving on the screen.

    Software version of RC System Assistant: 1.1 (No updates)
    Controller firmware: (Latest version

    Only reason I have yet to upgrade firmware in controller is because all I know is it has the new circuit board inside of it, but since my controller and Phantom are version 1 and not the 2, I'm not sure I can upgrade the firmware. Everything I've read so far makes it seem that the firmware updates for the controller are just for the newer model Phantoms. Does anyone know about upgrading firmware on controller for Phantom 1?

    Sorry for it being so long,
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