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Slightly odd behaviour of F450

Discussion in 'Other DJI Multi-Rotors' started by smallman28, Oct 13, 2014.

  1. smallman28

    Sep 22, 2014
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    I built a F450 a while ago.
    I am using a Naza V2 and 90% of the time all is well.
    I do have some odd moments I cant easily explain.
    Most of the time it flies perfectly fine then suddenly in GPS mode I loose the ability to go forwards,every other direction works fine but if I try to go forward it tends to drift slightly to the right.
    If I switch to ATTI mode I have full control and all is normal,flick it back to GPS again though and it goes full speed backwards,again flicking to ATTI gets me full control back.
    I have landed and reset the home position and all is well again for a few minutes before it does it again.
    I had previously flown two full batteries and then this started half way through the third one.
    This has happened a couple of times before but I shrugged it off,now it seems to be a bit more common.
    Irritating more than anything!
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