Should I buy new gimbal?

Jan 11, 2015
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I noticed my gimbal was shaky, so I bought new remote thinking it was that. That hasn't fixed it. I have reset the gimbal and done a calibration, but it still jerks/ goes up and down if I try and go slow with gimbal tilt or when I stop at it's maximum it jerks a little. I am trying to figure out if I should drop the money for a new gimbal and just be done with it or if I am missing something.
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What type of gimbal/Phantom are you flying? Maybe a video showing the jerkiness would help, too.
A phantom 2. Attached is a link of what's happening. I didn't record the transmitter, but basically I try and go slowly up and in the beginning you can see it jitters and sometimes even goes down. When I let go of the scroll the gimbal jitters a little too.
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(video is still loading but this is the link).
did you calibrate the slider in the RC12 assist and then in the Phantom 2 assist?

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