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setting blackpearl to diversify mode and antennas

Discussion in 'FPV (First Person View)' started by mr.goodkat, May 23, 2014.

  1. mr.goodkat

    Apr 13, 2014
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    hi fellas

    I just installed iosd mini, immersion tx and zenmus 3d to my P2 and fired it up. I see people saying I need to set blackpearl to diversify mode for antennas to perform better. can you please let me know where i can set it to diversify? I set the Rx monitor to band F and I also saw band selection for each antennas, should I chose band F for those as well?

    last but no least. I got fatshark cloverleaf and spironet patch antennas for monitor with male adapters. however i see that BP also has male adapters. so the question is should i get female to female adapters or change the antennas?
  2. Cr8tive_leo

    Feb 6, 2014
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    Ontario, Canada
    Page 5 of the ... wait for it... Manual.

    http://www.unmannedtech.co.uk/uploads/6 ... manual.pdf


    Working Mode
    ● Press mode button can set up: DIV、RX1、RX2、AV IN、HDMI IN model.
    ● Video TV system set-up(except HDMI mode): Press menu button to enter ‘function’,then
    ‘Video sys’ to choose PAL or NTSC.
    ● Under DIV、RX1、RX2 modes,you need press menu button first to enter RF to set up the frequency
    band to make sure,the device Work with the transmitter in the same band.

    Diversity Mode
    ● The due antenna diversity receiver is made up of ANT1、ANT2 and receiving circuit,according to
    their RSSI output,the device can keep receive the strongest signal all the time. and maximize
    image display stability.
    ● Antenna LED will show the current stronger one.
    ● < - > and < + > button controls the channel change.
    ● DIV AV OUT outputs diversity receiving signal for video recorder and external display purposes.
    DIV AV OUT ONLY works under the diversity mode.


    Yes it's chinglish, but it says to press the mode button.
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