second hand

  1. M

    Selling Phantom 4 Pro Plus.

    Wanting to sell my Phantom 4 pro PLUS (Based Inman Park Atlanta Georgia.) No crashes ever, minimal flights you can actually see the flights A have had on my Instagram. @mylesforster Reason for selling is simply work has taken over. Right now it hasn't been flown for 2 weeks and I don't see my...
  2. MrRobville

    Selling value P3S?

    Hi All, Could anyone give me an idea of how much the P3S is still worth? I want to sell mine online. It's in perfect shape, has an authentic extra battery, propguards with phantomclips and a modified bag where the whole lot can fit in. Second handed asking prices seem to vary quite a bit online...
  3. Ozz

    Buying Used P4 - What to Look Out For?

    Got a decent deal on a P4 - going check & collect it tonight. Upgrading at last from my P3S. I will have only a short time to check it - so any tips on what should I be looking out for? Supposed to have only 2 hours flight time on it... so Im planning on looking from prop damage on both sets-...