1. S

    Mapping Price per Acre (No RTK)

    Hello Community, do you have an idea what is a possible Price per Acre to claim when mapping with Phantom 4 Pro without RTK in Europe, nowadays? RTK is not needed for the projects I plan so this is fine, but it's for sure not worth 100 € per acre. Other Information: Flight Height: 80 - 115 ft...
  2. PaddyDelmar

    Pricing a Phantom 3, standard 4K

    I have discovered that if I do more then use the computer to fly my drone it will invariably end up in trouble. Fortunately, most encounters have been evergreen trees that have left little real damage other than blades and the guards. I am replacing some of the parts on my Phantom 3 Standard 4K...
  3. Infinite_parts

    Service pricing for Phantom repairs / Part lists

    Hi guys, Not sure if anyone touched / shared info of this already therefore making new post. Two main questions: 1. Is there a place you can find some DJI drone servicing prices? Maybe some service center has shared their price list or you know where to check online? All what I see is “Send in...
  4. MrRobville

    Selling value P3S?

    Hi All, Could anyone give me an idea of how much the P3S is still worth? I want to sell mine online. It's in perfect shape, has an authentic extra battery, propguards with phantomclips and a modified bag where the whole lot can fit in. Second handed asking prices seem to vary quite a bit online...
  5. H

    UK pricing, £=$

    Usually we get short changed by the "exchange rate" here in the uk, but the mavic is listed as $999 in the us and £999 here. Even with a bit of post-brexit loss of the exchange rate, that's still excessive($1296). If it was closer to the exchange rate, say £800, it would be much more appealing...
  6. A

    How much should I charge a car dealership for photos and videos

    I got a phone call from a very high-end car dealer who wants 2 photos of the dealership from the front and then a 5-10 second fly around video. What do you think I should charge him for raw footage and then edited footage? He also said he will not agree to licensing so he must own them he said...
  7. P

    With the lower pricing, what's a fair price for a used P3?

    With the potential for a Phantom 4 this year, would you sell you P3? What do you think would be a fair price?
  8. I

    Good P3 prices here...

    I wish they would go for this cheap when I bought mine :) HeliDirect -- Best Customer Services, Fast Shipping, Great Selections