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  1. JustGoFaster

    Aug 21, 2016
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    Southern UK
    I reminded myself why sometimes we see the props unexpectedly and thought I would share it. The P4 was designed with taller motor mounts and in P mode the dynamism of control is limited. These things design features to keep the propellors out of the frame....for the most part it works just fine. However in GPS (P) mode your stick inputs are not exactly like flying a normal rotorcraft. The stick input is interpreted as a demand for a flight path. So...if your craft is facing exactly north North and you push the stick forward the onboard computer interprets your stick input as a request to move exactly North facing North. If there is a crosswind the craft will compensate by tilting into that wind to offset any drift that the wind would have caused. The upshot of this is that the craft may be tilted one way or the other and constantly adjusting to maintain the track of North across the ground. If the wind is sufficient this can tip one or both props into view. Normally just backing off a little on speed will eliminate this. If you knew this....great...if you didn't hope it was helpful.
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  2. Waylander

    Jul 14, 2015
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    West Yorkshire, UK
    Hi JustGoFaster

    Ha Ha... great post.. good advice, made me laugh a little though, when you consider the content of your post, eg advising a reduction in speed to reduce prop visibility, when considered alongside your name "JustGoFaster", the incongruity got me.... :)

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