SD Card Removal

Clever idea and if it solves a problem, that's what matters. For me, I keep my fingernails as short as you can get them and I still have no trouble with the P3P slot. I can still press my finger just below the slot and roll my nail up against it and easily remove it. The only thing "wrong" with your solution is that I carry spares and it wouldn't fit in my little micro SD cases. For another idea, you could do what I did with my cheapo camera on my P1 when I had it (which had a tough to remove slot). I took a 1/4 inch section of toothpick and wrapped a piece of clear tape around it and stick the tape on itself to secure the toothpick inside. Put it against the slot to line it up and then tape the remaining sticky part onto the camera/gimbal/whatever. When you are ready to get the card out, just fold the tape down, pressing the toothpick (already aligned with the slot) against the card and press. Comes right out.

It has happened to me to. I took two wire zip ties and zip tied it into place. True I must now download using a usb cable but I don't have that problem anymore. - Jeff
The lengths some people go to always amaze me!! novel idea though. I use a thing called a fingernail its boring but useful!!

My fingernail or a small screwdriver seem to work quite well - both putting it in and taking it out - but my hands are not all that big. I lost one of my cards one time, either by not putting it back in properly or it "shook out" in flight. Since I lost it, I have no idea where it went!

The idea of putting a simple piece of scotch tape (or similar) over the opening never occurred to me!
Love these forums - share ideas, hacks, etc.

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