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  • Hello i sae an older post tjat u have alot of gimbal parts for the ph3 pro..

    Do u have any gimbal motors?

    Roll/pitch motors
    Hi! I also came across an old post that indicated you had P3S controllers for sale (50bucks)! need one and wanted to buy from someone trustworthy! I am a complete newbie and bought a P3S with a broken controller that probably isn't worth fixing (left stick, right switch, and antenna are broken) let me know if you have one still (you can email me at marc "at" zenimage "dot" com ) thanks!
    Hello. came across this older thread and was wondering if you had any P3 Standard emblems. I'd be happy to pay for shipping and throw in a little more. Picked up a standard where somebody had replaced the shell but didn't transfer the front emblem. Thanks.
    I think I have a standard emblem. Where are you located.
    Hi wondering if you could send me the bin file for removing the firmware from the p4 ? Thanks in advance
    Somebody suggested that I get ahold of you, but alot of these posts are very old. Are you still around this site? Do you still answer questions? Mine concerns my P3A controller - buy on Ebay for about $100 or find the parts and fix myself?
    Hi can you help me with a camera clamp for the p3p cable. I just need the thin plastic lock.
    thin plastic lock?
    you're talking about the gimbal lock that locks the gimbal in place when transporting?
    I have a p3s bought used, The camera will not align straight it is always off to the left.
    Can you help
    Wondering if you can help with a problem swapping yaw motors on P3. When I change it, it often results in the gimbal pointing to one of the legs. All else is good, I have tried IMU calib, repeatedly, followed by gimbal calib. but it remains pointing to the leg.
    I have read that changing P3A to P3P is as simple as changing a board. I would like the better camera of the P3P. How simple? Do you sell the board I need? How much? Thank you!
    yes, you can replace the gimbal mainboard or whole gimbal and make your A into P.
    i do not have any P3P gimbal boards.
    any suggestions on where to find? DJI or...?

    Plug and play??

    Thank you
    if you get just the board then you'll have to take the gimbal apart to install a new board.
    if you decide to buy a P gimbal then yes, plug and play (pray) :) and then you need to upgrade the FW to a P.
    How much are you doing shell replacements for? I had a spare p3A that was missing a camera and tried to swap out just the top shell but there are stress cracks and the landing gear I've noticed is also broken. I'd rather just replace and it's more than I care to do to even try to replace the lower.
    $160, and that includes a new shell, if you send me your new shell then less the cost of that which is $60, so $100
    just did
    need a p3 standard camera module and gimbal control board, actually i would be interested in any standard gimbal/camera parts. Please let me know what you might have.
    Crash today, need some parts, looks like you are the one in the know.
    Phantom 3 standard.
    I'm not sure how to post photos here, but I did on a thread you were just on.
    the one i posted?
    Hey hunch, I saw an older posting about P3 gimbal motors, do you have any. I got mine wet and now I have no movement up and down and there is no stability on the camera when flying. The drone flies just fine but I am thinking one of the motors are bad. Any thought or ideas? Thanks.
    need the TX USB charge cord/Sync cable
    still don't know which cable you're referring to.
    USB cable that plugs in the bottom of controller? that's just a microUSB to USB cable, which is pretty common cable for android phones and other devices using micro USB
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