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"Say it ain't Soooooo,....."

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Rogerdodger, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Rogerdodger

    Mar 6, 2016
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    Who knew?,.. Out practicing flying my Scorpion I in F Mode,..doing POI, etc. Also, had Camera in FPV, Video Mode.
    Weatherman said breezes of just 6mph. What he did NOT say, -found out later,-wind gusts aloft to 30mph.
    So, I am havng a lot of fun,..but fighting wind at higher alt. Suddenly, the Scorpion I took off toward a big tree!! Altho I fought for control, the drift & wind took it into a dead tree. Since I was staring smack into the setting sun,..I was blinded. I was SURE the aircraft had dropped straight down into a small pine tree below. Upon further inspection, turns out both trees were surrounded by about a 10-15ft. circle of very large, healthy,thorny bramble bushes. What could I do, with about an hour of daylight left. Kicking & screaming, I spent 50 minutes tromping thru the bramble bushes, & coming out a mess of scratches & blood Even climbed the trees,..finding nothing. My normal spotter was at Jazzercise,..so it was up to me.
    It occurred to me to check the RC to see f it was still takng Video,& amazingly, it WAS,
    The vid showed the quad upside down, and filming thru tall grass,..NOT in a tree!!
    I had braved the thorns for nothing! The quad had bouncd off the tree, and flown about 20 feet away. I found it lying upside down,..and intact!! WOW.
    Spent the next 45 min. Pulling thotns out of me!! I counted 50 thorns imbeded in the sole of each tennis shoe. And, since I was wearing a T and shorts,..I don't know how many cuts & scratches I have,
    Take whatever you can learn from this,....
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  2. Jorgejim90

    Jan 6, 2016
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    Practice atti.
    Gives you way more control and power on your bird to fight wind.
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