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May 1, 2015
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San Diego, CA
Anyone near San Diego interested in getting together?
Im interested! Im still waiting for my P3P order from DJI. Hopefully by next week but I would like to see you guys fly your quads as I've never flown any of them. I lived in Hemet but I occasionally drive to SD to kayak fish. Mostly around La Jolla and Coronado. I'll be glad to join any group of Quad Flyers (photographers).
Do a Google search for San Diego Drone and quadcopters. There's a group that meets every two weeks. I believe they'll be meeting this Sunday at 10:30am. Check them out.

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I am in North County and would like to get together to fly. I know the thing is an instant collection of folks who are all into the hobby, however I went to one of their meetings and was kind of turned off by the vibe. That said, I am free June 7th, if you wanna hook up. There are some cool spots around where I am to fly, but I'm open to going your way, wherever that is.

Let me know.
Im interested in getting together to fly.
Live near Mission Bay.
Just got my P3, but only 1 battery.
Same here LongRanger. My 2nd battery is shipping soon (they said). I live in the Riverside area by Temecula. Your place have lots of scenic areas to fly. I'd like to try the sunset by the beach as soon as I get my 2nd and 3rd batteries.
I would like to meet up and fly. I have a few different quads. I was thinking up in the mountains somewhere?
Hey guys. We're putting together a meetup group for San Diego here Drone Flying in San Diego
Aiming for an event in early January after the holidays. Still looking for places to fly in San Diego, but hopefully we can get a big group together.
Has anyone flown from the area around Santa Clara Point Recreation Center in Mission Bay? Seems like a cool little area to fly from, but not sure if those little beaches are private property.....

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