RTH not working with excellent GPS signal

May 19, 2015
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I have a P3 Advanced. Today was the second time I've flown it outdoors. I noticed the first time that the RTH function didn't work properly on either the app or on the RC. What the P3 would do is just land. On the app, I noticed the failsafe altitude keeps going back to zero. Today I was very deliberate on testing it. Again, the failsafe altitude kept going to zero although I was shooting for 40 meters. One time it appeared to hold. The first time I did the RTH, using the app, it just landed where it was at, maybe 60' away. It was only about 15' off the ground. The second time, it was about 80' off the ground a bit closer to the home position. Again, it didn't climb and was landing right where it was at in the air. That spot was in the middle of the street, and at the last second, I had to recover and move it over into my yard. Luckily by then it was about a foot off the ground and it did a propeller tumble in real soft ground.

The home point was recorded before take off and I had a 16 satellite GPS lock. I used to own a Phantom FC40 and the RTH was a bailout mode for me because there were a few times I'd lose the signal by going too far.

Has any one experienced this? Any recommendations? I'm in the process of contacting DJI. By the way, I also have the latest firmware, etc.
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I was testing the rth a bit myself today and noticed very similar behavior. If I initiated rth on the app it seemed to work right but using the button on the tx it would just start to land where it was. I didn't notice the rth resetting to 0 but that would make sense to what it was doing.
You might try to be more than 20 meters away before you execute RTH. That has been discussed several times in the forum.
Ok. That's a possibility that I wasn't when I studied the telemetry. I have to wait to get to a larger pretty clear field. Everywhere is flooded right now. Thanks for the info.

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