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rollback go app 3.0.1 to earlier version

Discussion in 'Control (Go, Litchi, etc..)' started by GWTX, Jul 20, 2018.

  1. GWTX

    May 28, 2016
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    Goliad, TX
    In the fiasco of trying to get my new TAB S2 (T-713) to hook up with the RC, I tried many things. One was to install 3.0.1. When I tried to go back to 2.8.1 which I had before the files for the "forced upgrade" work around were no longer there in ( my files>device storage>Android>data>dji pilot>cache). I deleted the 3.0.1 app and re-installed a copy of 2.8.1 that was stored on my PC, but the files are the same as were installed with 3.0.1 ??
    I am able to start up and fly now,, just wondering what other effects this might have. Such as being able to get google maps loading without getting the "must upgrade" nag again. Any help and or discussion would be much appreciated. Gary
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