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Return Home - fail safe mode

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision Discussion' started by mchrol, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. mchrol

    Jan 6, 2014
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    Poznan/Stargard Szcz. POLAND
    Good Day ! I'm one of lucky guys who purchased Phantom 2V and had twice some scary situations. I raised up to 150m altitude or more. Can tell excatly. However my Phantom had put itself into safe mode and i saw on my mobile only "RETURN HOME" which after i couldn't do nothing. It was really scary for me. I did not have any control of my Phantom. I tried to switch off RC, pressing S1, Tapping on screen in mobile when phantom on air and no results. Good i was with coleage who took phantom when descended enough to catch and than i thought I switched off rotors. Today, same situation, unfo. without assistance :) Luckily my Phantom has landed itself and switched off automaticaly. RETURN HOME function is really helpful but what if there would be some trees, or building on its way. I understand when it's still high but when 15 m above ground i want to have full control and not wait till it land on some not straight field.

    Question is , How to take back control of my Phantom when in safe mode returning home? Can we do antyhing ?
    In addidtion I have newest firmware updates.
  2. MikeON

    Nov 5, 2013
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    Pennsylvania, USA
    If the PV is at an altitude above 20m, it will stay at that altitude, come to directly above home point, and land. It should miss any obstructions unless you have gone over them and descended to a lower altitude. If it is below 20m, it will climb to 20m and then come to your home point and land. If then there are obstructions higher than 20m in the way, they could be a problem.
    I've only experienced the Return Home when I turned off the remote on purpose to try it. It acted like it is supposed to more me. Put S1 in middle or bottom position, turn remote back on (if you turned it off) and you should regain control. If not, something else is wrong.
  3. BenDronePilot

    Dec 7, 2013
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    Sounds like someone hasn't been reading the manuals or videos which I highly recommend doing before flying your Phantom 2 Vision. Regardless of that here's your answer. Should you loose transmitter control, You physically shut it off, or you have your
    S1 switch configured to start a fail safe in the full down position. Your Phantom will enter "Fail Safe".

    This is how you regain control while your Phantom enters Fail Safe and is still air born. It's real simple. With your control turned on, move the S1 switch to the center position. Try the controls, you should have control again unless you're still out of range. You can then move S1 back to the upper most position.

    Now that you know how to regain control of your Phantom. This is what your Phantom does when entering a fail safe condition, and you have a "Home Lock" position before you took off (quick flashing green confirmation). If your altitude is below 20 meters (66 feet) It will increase altitude until it reaches 66 feet before flying back in a straight line to your "Home" point. It will idle there for about 15 seconds giving you time to regain control (as per the above procedures) before slowly descending to a landing. If your Phantom is above 20 meters (66 feet) when entering a fail safe condition, it will remain at that altitude and fly in a straight line to your home position, again pausing for 15 seconds for you to move the S1 switch to the center position to regain control, before finally landing on its own if you do nothing.

    In both of the above scenarios if there is something in the way of the path of the Phantom during a return home fail safe, your Phantom WILL hit it. Hopefully though 66 feet or whatever higher altitude you will be at when Fail Safe Return to Home happens will be enough to clear any obstacles. It's also worth noting that once you put your S1 switch into the Center position your Phantom will no longer land itself it will just fly and hover above your home position waiting for input from you.

    What happens when your Phantom enters Fail Safe and did not get a "home lock" before take off. Your Phantom will immediately land wherever it is with no "returning to home" as the home position wasn't given time to mark itself before your takeoff.

    Here is a link to the video from DJI with the CIO Colin Guinn demonstrating the GPS and Return to Home function.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... sp-w7361dQ

    Hope that helps. Fly safely and please go through all the reading material and videos to remain best informed.
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