RC Assistant has a new firmware DO NOT UPDATE

Mar 1, 2014
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San Francisco
So I seemed to have bricked my dji phantom 2 (non vision DJ6 model) controllers. I launched the RC assistant since I wanted to calibrate the sticks and x1 again.

I saw an update, and well clicked update.. little did I know this was an update to the new controllers and completely bricks your old ones. WTF, it shouldn't even allow me to do this. I opened up the controller and held the reset button down and im able to see the controller now in the RC assistant (no lights or anything on the controller) and its firmware is 0.0, their doesnt seem to be a way to update it to the firmware it had on their only to this new one.. argg.. any ideas?
I lost the GPS, ATTI, Failsafe switch and other funky things happened too. Put that controller on the shelf and bought a replacement off eBay.

In the assistant was the checkbox for basic or upgrade model, checking basic did not fix my problems.

Not sure DJI aware of problem and likely would not care.
One of the P2s that I sold ended up the same way, how I don't know....what worked for me was use the right firmware update for the Phantom and use the Assistant software for the Transmitter to update the firmware for the TX... Now when you bind or try to bind is where things get funny...I follow utube and the motors don't spin up and you think it did not bind but it did..Now with tx on and Phantom on ,plug it in to Assistant and on the Basic tab you will 3 channels green and 1 black. Just calibrate and all should go back to normal.
P.S. I saw my TX led change from Red to Green after the update.

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